CCACC ART Gallery Presents Shanye Huang Bold, Bright, and Grand- LIFE IMPRINT

By Editorial Team on October 19, 2021

Sat, October 23 2021 — Sat, December 18 2021

Courtesy of CCACC Art Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 23 from 2pm to 4pm

As we enter the 19th month of the journey battling the historic coronavirus pandemic along with all the challenges that come with it, CCACC Art Gallery is proud to present Shanye Huang’s solo exhibition- LIFE IMPRINT. In this exhibition, through his large-scale contemporary painted cut-paper installations and paintings, the artist explores the resilient and tenacious human spirit that sustains us through the multitudes of struggles and emotions at these difficult times. His art comes with a personal narrative and observation yet reflects largely our shared experiences. At this challenging time, his work offers us a glimpse of hope and an opportunity to contemplate our self-identity and transformation; our relationship to each other and the world around us. As the Museum Specialist at the National Gallery of Art, Carolyn Bevans, notes in her essay for this exhibition, “Works such as Unyielding and One Voice remind us that humanity is experiencing this together and that together we are resilient.” “…in many ways, this exhibition invites us to ask ourselves – what imprint will we leave on the world?”

With a bold, bright, and experimental approach, Shanye Huang’s art challenges the traditional, disciplined painting skills including paper-cutting, while connecting his southern Chinese folkloric heritage with the western contemporary art practice. He has received numerous awards for the excellence in his art including his being the recipient of the MD Creativity Grants, the NY Fund for Contemporary Art Grant, and the United State Artists Foundation. His work, Tapestry of Dreams, inspired an American musician to create a grand dance symphony, and it was then made into a ballet that premiered in New York City in 2009. His work has been featured in shows and collected by museums/galleries in America, Europe, and Asia. Shanye Huang graduated from the Guangxi Arts Institute and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. He became a US citizen after being awarded a permanent US visa under the “outstanding artist” status in1995. He lives and works in the DC Metropolitan area.


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