Centerfold Artist Studio Presents Bonner Sale Troubled Magic: Fall 2017 Sampler and Chris Haughery Disco Is Not Dead

By Editorial Team on October 3, 2017
Bonner Sale, Spector Gator Round Up, 2017. Courtesy of Centerfold Artist Studio.
Currently on view.

Bonner Sale: Troubled Magic: Fall 2017 Sampler
In this exhibit, Bonner will show some new gouache paintings and black and white drawings that are part of his ongoing series, Troubled Magic.

The narratives of Sale’s gouache paintings describe a make believe dystopian world, a lost society of mutated beings. Though living through moral conflict and disharmony, stories of redemption, transcendence and free will reveal themselves. While Sale engages imagination with the process of drawing and painting, the work reflects his own spirituality and moral compass. Typically found in his paintings are hybrid monsters, sorcerer animals and post-humans interacting in a pre-technological environment.

The world Troubled Magic pays tribute to fantasy films and toys Sale enjoyed as child, and the adventures he would have within those stories and ideas. The process of painting and creating these pieces transports himself back into those worlds or troupes. To paint new stories is to apply what he has experienced in life into what he dreamt of in childhood.

To learn more about Bonner Sale and his work please visit:

Work by Chris Haughery. Courtesy of Chris Haughery.

Chris Haughery: Disco Is Not Dead
Disco is Not Dead is a departure from Haughery’s previous work, which focused on process and technique to reach predetermined outcomes. In this new body of work, the intent is to throw off those restrictions in order to realize a more unexpected result. Consisting of paintings and serigraph, expressive brushstrokes and vibrant color choices, viewers are invited to contemplate a sense of humor and a carefree interaction with reality.

The event will include an open studio of the printmaking spaces of artists Bethany Hansen and Anthony Diehl, and of other artists’ studios at Edgewood Studios, one of the longest-running art studio spaces in Washington, DC.

Centerfold Artist Studio is located at 703 Edgewood St NE Suite # 2