CHAW Presents The Resident’s Collective Superposition

By Editorial Team on May 9, 2022

Mon, 09 May 2022 - Sun, 05 June 2022

Artist Carolina Mayorga at work installing her site-specific work at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. Photo for East City Art by Eric Hope.


Opening Reception: Friday, May 13 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

The Residents Collective (TRC) is pleased to announce the opening of their inaugural group exhibition, Superposition, in partnership with Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) and curated by Mandy Cooper.

The Residents Collective is a group of artists who have all been past recipients of a competitive CHAW Gallery Residency. These residencies provide the artist an opportunity to engage directly with the full gallery space at CHAW and the public, through formal programming and informal interactions in the artistic space. During 2020 and 2021, residencies were reformatted for online platforms. TRC today brings together artists in a variety of mediums, showcasing their distinct talents and perspectives. Superposition features work by artists Carol Antezana, MK Bailey, Mills Brown, Kate Fleming, Billy Friebele, Khadija Jahmila, Wayson Jones, Carolina Mayorga, Zia Palmer, Pam Rogers, Tom Woodruff, and Lenora Yerkes.

The Residents Collective’s co-founders, Kate Fleming and MK Bailey, said, “We’re thrilled to bring together this group of innovative artists and are excited to see the show come to life after months of hard work. We came together as friends and colleagues in 2020 through the CHAW residency, although we were far apart due to the pandemic and projects we were working on at the time. To be able to build a consensus-led group of artists and have CHAW as an incubator and space to show our collective work is a rare opportunity, and this show is a fantastic start to the work we envision doing together.” Fleming and Bailey added, “The group will expand as more residents are added to the program,” and encourage artists to apply to the CHAW Residency this fall.

About the show, curator Mandy Cooper wrote, “Superposition is an exploration of the expansive possibilities present when we break down the barriers of our own perceptions, and broaden our view to embody more than one reality at a time. Life plays out simultaneously on an infinite number of stages. Our aim to make sense of that life is stifled by our limited vantage point. Quantum superposition demonstrates that particles can exist in multiple places at once. The binary conclusions we often rely on in society and in science do not hold the accurate and full picture of reality. In the acknowledgement and embodiment of opposing and varied scripts, greater truths are revealed.”

“TRC is a fully artist conceived and run consortium.  It represents the best of what CHAW has to offer.  When artists lead, great things can and will happen. This show is particularly exciting because it channels the unique artistry of each resident through CHAW’s missional lens of community building and creates something entirely new.  We are very proud to be a part of this ongoing collective story.” said Executive Director, Amy Moore.

More information on CHAW’s Artist Residencies may be found here:

Superposition is the first exhibition of The Residents Collective of CHAW, a self-led organization formed to serve as a platform for resident alumni to show their work, build their careers, and develop relationships with other artists who have matriculated through CHAW’s residency programs. The works on view engage with and represent various attempts to integrate multiple perceptions. Featuring work by: Carol Antezana, MK Bailey, Mills Brown, Kate Fleming, Billy Friebele, Khadija Jahmila, Wayson Jones, Carolina Mayorga, Zia Palmer, Pam Rogers, Tom Woodruff, Lenora Yerkes. The show will open with a reception on May 13, 6:30-8:30pm, and will run in the CHAW gallery at 545 7th St. SE May 9 – June 3, 2022. The CHAW gallery is free and open to the public; gallery opening hours are: Monday-Thursday, 12pm-9pm, Friday, 12pm-6pm, and Saturday, 9am-2pm. Proof of vaccination and masks are required for the opening event.

About CHAW
Our mission of “building inclusive communities through the arts” is rooted in the belief that art and community-building are synergistic.  Our overarching goals are to uplift local arts and artists, promote artistic literacy, and share resources. Collectively, this sets the stage for transformation.  This powerful mechanism for propelling social change is at the heart of all we do: Better art makes better justice.

CHAW was founded 50 years ago by neighbors in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Capitol Hill, situated just blocks from the Capitol, seeking a creative outlet and a place to gather.  They were granted the use of a dilapidated building by the city in the 1970s and rehabilitated it with money raised through yard sales and a largely volunteer workforce.  It has been our home ever since.  This grassroots spirit and community ownership are still very much alive today.

The show will take place at CHAW, 545 7th St. SE.