Chris Chernow, Olha Onyshko, and Ivan Kryvutsky Defending Liberty

By Editorial Team on March 24, 2020
Installation by Chris Chernow. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Installation by

  • Chris Chernow, local installation artist
  • Olha Onyshko, local video and film artist
  • Ivan Kryvutsky, local woodworker

Presented in conjunction with the the conference: Heroes of Liberty, Enhancing Well-Being, Resilience, and Civic Engagement of Ukrainian Veterans

Chain link fencing, spent shell casings and the video projection of scrolling names of soldiers and police officers who have given their lives, interact to address the conflict presently engulfing Ukraine.  Our list extends from the first fallen, who was on his guard duty in Crimea in March 2014, to the most recent killed on March 1, 2020 while delivering provisions to the Ukrainian border patrol.

The spent shells and the fencing signify the why and how of this war, started by the Russian Federation, that is affecting the lives of every Ukrainian.  We are remembering the men and women who have fallen in this fight defending liberty as soldiers, medics, policemen, border patrol, civilian contractors, and volunteers.  We have not included the thousands and thousands of civilians who have also lost their life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Capital Visitor Center 268
US Capital

And then moving to
Embassy of Ukrainian
3350 M Str. NW, Georgetown DC
March 12 – 25, 2020