Jo Fleming Contemporary Art | Coastal Abstractions 2023

By Editorial Team on July 10, 2023

Sat, July 1 2023 — Thu, August 31 2023

Geo McElroy, Sea Beans, Oil on Canvas at Jo Fleming Contemporary Art, Credit GEo McElroy

Jo Fleming Contemporary Art presents “Coastal Abstractions 2023” with new works by Artists Sally Rhudy, Geo McElroy, Sigrid Trumpy, Christine Laubach and Murray Taylor.

Sally Rhudy’s contemporary landscapes offer a rich, layered and atmospheric interpretation of our shoreline. Geo McElroy nestles into the grasses of the coastal wetland, Sigrid Trumpy’s organic and geometric compositions present the colors of the sea with the brushstrokes of storm clouds while Christine Laubach’s paintings are minimalist, textural and elemental. Murray Taylor presents a huge painting of warm sunset cloud formation over coastal farmlands.

Jo Fleming Contemporary Art is located at 68 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD.