Community Forklift Presents Uniting US Artists Lifting US: A Veteran Art Show Celebrating Life

By East City Art Editorial Team on November 16, 2020

Wed, November 11 2020 — Mon, January 4 2021

Log Cabin Quilt by Kasse Andrews-Weller.
On View: November 11, 2020 – January 4, 2021

Community Forklift is hosting Lifting US, a veteran art show featuring the works of Uniting US Artists. All sales go directly to the artists and a commission to Community Forklift in support of their important mission to reuse, repurpose, and redistribute. Items may be purchased both in the warehouse gallery during regular hours and most items are also available online. Click below to view online gallery: Lifting US Online Gallery

Many of the art works for sale are created from items acquired at Community Forklift. Several Uniting US artists are regulars at recycling found objects into art objects. The art displayed ranges from works created in art therapy to fine artworks by accomplished visual artists. The common thread is the thrill of a great find at Community Forklift and the joy in art-making.

“Our amazing team of regular, and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others build wellness and strength,” says Uniting US founder Air Force veteran AnnMarie Halterman. “and we gain perspective from the artistic talents and voices of others.”

Uniting US is a nonprofit organized by a small nucleus of veterans and family members who promote create art as a mode of wellness. Participating in art is well known for beneficial health effects. We promote visual arts combined with personal narratives to spark discussions about life experiences and military service with community members.

Community Forklift lifts up local communities through reuse. We turn the construction waste stream into a resource stream in the DC region by keeping reusable items out of the landfill, preserving historic materials, providing free and low-cost building supplies to other nonprofit organizations and households with limited means, and creating local green jobs.

Log Cabin Quilt
Ceramic tiles mixed media
Kasse Andrews-Weller
Kasse is an Air Force veteran and a long time, devoted CFL shopper. She creates meaningful and symbolic ceramic masterpieces combined with other media. Among her most treasured recycled finds are wooden parquet flooring, templates for drop molds, and a ceramic kiln!

Pipe Dreams
Digital Photography
Rindy O’Brien
For the Lifting US show, Rindy has made visible the many layers and colors at Community Forklift. O’Brien is a regular contributor to the Hill Rag, a monthly publication featuring articles about Capitol Hill and showcasing the DC neighborhood. Her portfolio of everyday objects turned into portraits of beauty and wonder has received many awards. Her photographs have been published and shown in many galleries from Missouri to Washington, DC.

Artisanal Aspect
Wood and Epoxy
AnnMarie Haltermann
AnnMarie is an Air Force veteran and her favorite section of CFL is the wood pile. On her lathe and other wood working equipment, she uses CFL purchased materials to create her pens, bowls, and collaborative artworks. Each piece is unique and meticulously designed.

Michael Green
Sometimes You Just Need a Hug
Permanently living at the DC VA Medical Center, Michael is constantly drawing and painting faces of people in the news, or people he meets. Since COVID, Michael has been fortunate to have the Community Building Blocks Grant and the generosity of other donors to keep him supplied with art materials and frames to continue to produce his art. Faces are Michael’s favorite subject as he creates his artwork.

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