Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center Presents Shawn “Painta” Lindsay The Red Room

By East City Art Editorial Team on January 4, 2017

Fri, January 6 2017 — Tue, January 31 2017

Ashley White in Red by Shawn “Painta” Lindsay. Courtesy of CHACC.
Ashley White in Red by Shawn “Painta” Lindsay. Courtesy of CHACC.


Opening Reception: Friday, January 6 from 6pm to 9pm


Join Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center Friday, January 6th from 6pm to 9pm as they open their new year with a new exhibit. Shawn “Painta” Lindsay opens The Red Room, a dynamic exhibition of acrylic portraits with the use of one main color, red.

Enter Painta’s raffle for a chance to win an exhibiting portrait:

A Statement from Painta:
As a figurative and portrait painter, I am inspired by images I see everyday on social media, the selfie in particular. To me, selfies are a fascinating movement to female strength, empowerment, and beauty. They help define pop-culture even in a culture historically steeped in sexism and inequality. As I scroll through Instagram or Tumblr feeds, selfies and different self-love-posts encourage me to add to the adoration women may or may not already have for themselves.

I use non local color to describe the flesh realistically, adding to the power and mystery that is the woman. Using non local color allows for people to be more open minded about the imagery. The reference is self composed.  I get down the likeness first, from there I make use of the paint to focus on self-adoration they’ve already shown for themselves. The model stays in control of the viewers experience. Staying true to the lighting and composition is important, making sure not to change the distort the figure or any facial features. All in attempt to guide the viewers gaze towards adoration rather than objectification.

Artist Biography: 
Shawn Lindsay, also known as Painta, hails from Forestville, Maryland. An energetic and enigmatic spirit, Shawn had been interested in art and drawing since he was a child and draws inspiration from portrait painters such as John Singer Sargent, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Alice Neil, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Shawn attended the Visual & Performing Arts program at Suitland High School as a young prospect and went on to study fine arts at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Along with oil and acrylic painting, he is also well-versed in digital art and illustration. He recently left his part-time job as a Creative Enabler at Dupont Circle’s ArtJamz, to pursue painting as a full-time artist. Shawn is married with two children.

You can follow Shawn “Painta” Lindsay on Instagram (@therealpainta), on Twitter (@painta), and don’t forget to visit his website,

The exhibit will be on display and art for purchase for the entire month of January.

CHACC is located at 3200 MLK Jr. Ave. SE.