CONNERSMITH. Howard Mehring: From the Gestural to the Sublime

By Editorial Team on April 11, 2022
Howard Mehring – Equinox – 1957, magna on canvas, 105.50 x 112.25 inches.

March / June 2022: by appointment and online

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“[Mehring’s] sureness, from the beginning, is extraordinary. It rescues him from the Burkean ‘terror.’ His sublime is the calmest – the most beautiful of any American painter’s.”

– Carter Radcliff (“Howard Mehring, Sachs Gallery, NY,” Art International, Vol. XIV, no.10, Dec.1970, p.68.)

This exhibition discloses the experimental and innovative forces that engendered Howard Mehring’s stylistic evolution during the critical period from 1956 to 1961. From the age of twenty-five in 1956 Mehring advanced, within five years, beyond the prevailing style of abstract expressionism into his own lyrical style. The artist’s agile progression culminated in the “allover” paintings, original works which are delicate, expansive, ineffable, in a word – sublime.

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