The Convergence Arts Initiative Presents Glenn Howell In All Things

By Editorial Team on September 14, 2016

Fri, September 16 2016 — Sat, October 29 2016

Rising by Glenn Howell. Courtesy of the Convergence Arts Initiative.
Rising by Glenn Howell. Courtesy of the Convergence Arts Initiative.


Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Friday, September 16 from 7pm to 9pm


Glenn Howell spent his childhood in the woods of the Ohio River watershed near Steubenville, Ohio. These moments as well as the contrasting visions of the steel mills whenever his family went into town made up his childhood landscape. Art became a way for him to “transcend to something other” very early in life and he’s continued that pursuit ever since.

From September 2 – October 29, 2016, The Convergence Arts Initiative will feature the work of artist and educator, Glenn Howell in his latest exhibit, In All Things. The title of Howell’s photography and print show reflects the diversity of his image making and his belief in the promise of redemption of all things. It is a juxtaposition of the “dystopian” elements seen in our world with a vision of Heaven as evidence of God’s grace.

“I make art to communicate my sense of wonder. Light and time are intrinsic to photography and can become metaphors of spiritual experiences. Because it is a recording mechanism as well as a manipulable medium, photography has the ability to “translate” the spiritual aspects of the physical world. I believe light is something that is present in both the spiritual and physical dimensions. As a Christian, I’ve become aware of God’s presence in the things I ‘see’ in my life that allude to what is ‘unseen.'” –Glenn Howell

About the Artist
In 1974, Glenn attended to Asbury College to study for the ministry and discovered that ministry was not restricted to the pulpit. He eventually majored in art and studied under Rudy Medlock and Ed Knippers. He finished a BFA in studio art and photography at Youngstown State University and moved to Minnesota to teach art in a Christian school.

Glenn moved to Virginia in 1993 and worked in various art/photography related fields while continuing to pursue the art-making. He is now attempting to incorporate creativity, imagination, and a fascination with beauty into the education of young people at Fresta Valley Christian School in Marshall, VA. Glenn’s work has been shown in a multitude of exhibits across the country and his work is in many private collections.

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