Corner Store Arts Presents It’s Elementary! The Four elements: Earth  Air   Fire  Water Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on February 5, 2019

Sun, 10 February 2019 - Thu, 28 February 2019

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth by Karen Cohen. Photograph taken from Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA.
Meet the Artist: Sunday, February 10 from 3pm to 5pm

Corner Store Arts presents a group art exhibit called It’s Elementary! The Four elements: Earth  Air   Fire  Water.

How important are these elements that we use daily and often take for granted?  These four elements are vital for life and can also destroy life.

Artists from the DC area present artistic expressions about the four elements. 

Featuring: Maremi Andreozzi, Kate McConnell, Heike Gramckow, Kimberley Bursic, Nan Raphael, Chica Brunsvold, Nanette Bevan, and Karen Cohen

The Corner Store is located at 900 South Carolina Avenue SE. For more information visit