The Corner Store Presents Judith Capen Artshells and Robert Weinstein Lostgloves

By East City Art Editorial Team on September 5, 2017
Work by Judith Capen. Courtesy of the Corner Store.
Closing: Saturday, September 9 from 7pm to 9pm

Judith Capen spent the last five years creating an eggstrodinary collection of eggshell art. The pieces follow a trajectory from agony to tentative hope and memory. She eggsqusitly manipulates each fragile shell, giving new life to these disposable containers of life.

Work by Robert Weinstein. Courtesy of the Corner Store.

Robert Weinstein describes his lostgloves collection of images and artifacts not as art but artieology, a narrative of loss. “Sometimes they are so beautiful, I am compelled to take them home with me.”

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday and Friday: 12pm to 5pm
  • or by appointment.

The Corner Store is located at 900 South Carolina Avenue, SE across from Eastern Market Metro. You may reach the gallery by phone at 202.544.5807 or online at