Craig Kraft Studio Presents Spirit of the African Elephant

By East City Art Editorial Team on June 19, 2018
Photo courtesy of Craig Kraft.
Open Studio: Friday, June 22 from 6pm to 8pm

From 6-8 pm on June 22nd the Spirit of the African Elephant will be on view at Craig Kraft’s Studio adjacent to Honfleur Gallery. Stop by to learn about the sculpture and the process behind making the neon spirit elephant. Learn more here.

View Kraft’s work during the 12th Annual East of the River Exhibition at Honfluer Gallery. The 12th Annual East of the River Exhibition opens Friday, June 22 from 6pm to 9pm.

Cave Drawings Artist Statement
Furthering my inquiry into the universal urge to mark, I traveled to 12 ancient caves in Spain and France, (Castillo, Cavalanas, Altamira, Lascaux, Font de Gaume and Niaux, to name a few). I experienced, first hand and up close, the very first marks, paintings, drawings and etchings ever made by Homo Sapiens, 15,000 BC to 40,000 BC. I was particularly drawn to what are referred to as “signs” or symbols which may be the earliest known marks of all. Previously, researchers and artists had concentrated on the pictorials, figurative drawings and paintings of mostly animals, ones that were hunted and those who were most feared. The “signs” translate into contemporary abstract image making partially because they have a universal quality. Starting with the line, they progress through dots, cubes, penninforms (drawn here), ovals, claviforms and finally the vulva. These marks, made by the flickering light of a fat lamp appear to be moving in the caves. What I have drawn here is inspired by my experience in the caves- in this case penninforms drawn with charcoal and pigments found in the Niaux cave. I have lit the drawing with a flickering light, in a similar way early Homo Sapiens drew deep in the ancient caves. – Craig Kraft

Craig Kraft Studio is located at 1239 Good Hope Rd. SE. To find out more about Craig Kraft’s work and his studio, visit