Creative Entrepreneur Gallery at the Hive Anacostia Presents Rashad Ali Muhammad Crowned in Gold

By Editorial Team on February 13, 2018

Thu, 15 February 2018 - Thu, 15 March 2018

Niqabi by Rashad Ali Muhammad. Courtesy of the artist.
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 15 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Rashad Ali Muhammad showcases Crowned in Gold at the inaugural opening of the Creative Entrepreneur’s Gallery, The Hive 2.0 located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, February 15, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition.

It is daunting to live in a society where race and appearances can have such positive or negative impacts on your life journey. Rashad Ali Muhammad’s work is a much-needed breath of fresh air that leaves viewers captivated as they are carried to a brighter, more exuberant plane of existence. He attempts to capture people’s vibrant spirit because he believes we all have a natural exuberance for life that should be celebrated.

Rashad will be showing various vibrant and whimsical portraitures where the hair (crown) is portrayed with gold leaf such as in the piece Niqabi, his ode to Muslim women. Most noticeably, Rashad uses rich colors when painting skin tones in his portraits as opposed to typical natural tones because he wants his viewers to look beyond race and see a person’s unique beauty.

As an artist on the rise, Rashad Ali Muhammad has quickly made a name for himself with his signature use of gold leaf and surreal approach in his portrait work. His Muslim upbringing compounded with spiritual non-religious views, and a nonconformist attitude enhances his artistic character. Additionally, his background in Graphic Design and Photography gives a unique cast to his art.

His artwork has been featured in various group shows: Art as Politics at Touchstone Gallery, SPLASH! at Brentwood Arts Exchange, Bring It! at the Prince George’s Delegation of the Lowe House Office Building, in Annapolis, and Radical Re-imaginings at the Woolly Mammoth Theater.

If you would like more information or permission to use images, please contact Rashad Muhammad at 301-455-6344 or or visit his website,

About Rashad
Rashad Ali Muhammad (RAM), residing in Clinton, Maryland, took up his paint brushes in 2016—which he hadn’t touched in 8 years—and began exploring the canvas again after feeling stuck in a rut in his full-time career as a graphic designer. He has rediscovered his zest for creating fine art and continues to explore and develop his many creative talents.

Creative Entrepreneur’s Gallery, The Hive 2.0 is located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE