Cross MacKenzie Gallery Presents Angela To and Brian Giniewski Bloom

By Editorial Team on March 19, 2018

Fri, 23 March 2018 - Wed, 02 May 2018

Photo courtesy of Cross MacKenzie Gallery.
Opening Reception: Friday, March 23 form 6pm to 8pm

Cross MacKenzie Gallery presents Bloom, an exhibition of new paintings by Angela To alongside ceramics by Brian Giniewski. While they may work in different mediums, the bright palettes of each artist complement one another in energy, enveloping the viewer in a cacophony of color.

Angela To, a Chinese-Canadian artist working in New York, is known for her oversized, abstracted patterns derived from nature composed into an overall activated surface that she then pours with multiple layers of glaze-like resin. Her reflective works on panel thus feel very contemporary, bright and graphic in quality with a dynamic visual language that reflects the energy of modernity. Drawing from her pattern art predecessors of the 1970s, Ms. To often uses bright repetitive geometric designs paired with abstracted flora silhouettes, to dizzying effect.

Brian Giniewski is a ceramic artist, based in Philadelphia. His work is heavily focused on the interplay between textures, marrying rough slip-cast ceramic vessels with smooth glazed drips of colored pigment. The playfulness of these functional vessels belies the thorough understanding of techniques learned earning his MFA at Cranbrook Academy and years of experimentation that went into developing his methods. While the tactile nature of Giniewski’s edible looking vessels stand in stark contrast to the glistening smoothness of To’s panels, it is the creamy glaze of pastels dripping from their rims that tie the works together.

The Cross MacKenzie Gallery is located at 1675 Wisconsin Ave. NW. More images available on their web site