The Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico Presents Constructing MEXICO68

By East City Art Editorial Team on April 9, 2018

Tue, April 10 2018 — Thu, May 10 2018

Photo courtesy of Mexican Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico.
Opening: Tuesday, April 10 at 6:45pm

In partnership with Patronato Ruta de la Amistad A.C., a public-private partnership dedicated to restoring, preserving, and promoting the cultural legacy of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, the Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, DC, will open its latest exhibit, Constructing MEXICO68, on April 10, 2018.

This exhibit commemorates the 50th anniversary of Mexico’s successful petition for the 1968 Olympic Games through a photographic exploration of the iconic constructions built in Mexico City that year. A celebration of the Olympic games implied the creation of ambitious proposals that embraced contemporaneity and identity. The development of competition sites for the diverse disciplines required not only the adaptation of existing installations, but also the rapid construction of new, modern and functional facilities. In these new spaces, it was possible to experience an applied architecture that met both the needs of the audience and the functional requirements of each sport that occupied it.

Urban planning was envisioned to distribute sporting venues widely throughout the city with new urban freeways that gave way to the creation of the Route of Friendship, an urban gallery of 22 monumental sculptures spread across 17 kilometers and on the esplanades of three stadiums. The large scale judas deportivos merged folk designs with contemporary visual communication and highlighted the sporting events performed in each stadium.

The Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games of 1968 imagined a language of high impact and a dissemination that permeated a global audience and athletes with the Olympic ideals. The exhibit will reflect, in a concrete and simple way, the lasting cultural legacy of the Olympic buildings of MEXICO68 and their constant relation to design and urban art.

The opening reception of Constructing MEXICO68 will take place at the Mexican Cultural Institute on April 10 at 6:45pm, with introductory remarks by Architect Javier Ramirez Campuzano, Vice-President of the Patronato Ruta de la Amistad A.C., who will also participate in a public conference the following day at the American Institute of Architects at the District Architecture Center in Washington DC.

Mexican Cultural Institute is located at 2829 16th St. NW. For more information, visit call (202) 728-1629, visit, or follow the Mexican Cultural Institute on Twitter @MexCultureDC and Facebook at