Current Gallery Presents Erick Antonio Benitez Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra

By Editorial Team on October 31, 2016

Thu, 03 November 2016 - Sat, 19 November 2016

Photo courtesy of Current Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Current Gallery.


Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3 from 7pm to 10pm


Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra is an ongoing exhibition featuring a multimedia installation documentary work focusing on the US-Mexican border and the lives it affects. The exhibition also features research data and documentation gathered from the border itself, spanning its entirety; from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. This project was awarded the 2016 Ruby Artist Project Grant, sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, which allowed funding for its in depth investigation and creation.

Erick Antonio Benitez is Salvadorian-American visual artist, sound alchemist, and curator based in DC/Baltimore. Benitez’ inter-disciplinary work is rooted in his commitment to matters of cultural identity, nature, social justice, and activism/education through art.  Benitez co-founded La Bodega collective, a cooperative of cross-disciplinary, multi-functional studios and galleries. He is part of Woven Autonomo, a sonically-focused entity who collaboratively curate and perform sound art and music. Benitez is also a collaborator with the Greenmount Greenway Project, which aims to rehabilitate vacant lots in the  Greenmount West Neighborhood into safe, active, and inspiring parks for all ages.

Alejandro Orengo is Puerto Rican American photographer, filmmaker, and designer based in Baltimore/DC/NYC. Orengo also goes by the moniker Cinematic Fresh.

Drew Hagelin is DC/Baltimore based videographer, musician, multimedia artist and member of La Bodega collective.

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