Freight Gallery | Roger Cutler Duchamp Descending a Stair

By East City Art Editorial Team on December 18, 2023

Sun, January 7 2024 — Sun, January 7 2024

Duchamp Descending a Stair, detail
Photo credit: Roger Cutler
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 7 from 4-6pm

Freight Gallery is pleased to present Roger Cutler’s installation DUCHAMP DESCENDING A STAIR

In January’s show, Cutler has built a wood and steel staircase. This visually elegant work combines minimalism and humor by playing on the inherent tension of a staircase inside an elevator.

Roger Cutler is a multi-disciplinary artist who was born in Washington, DC. His work ranges from music to photography to computer graphics and animation to painting, metal casting, sculpture, and installation.

His combination of art and science in film photography provides many opportunities to create interesting images while experimenting with tools and processes. Cutler modifies and adapts cameras, creating them with unusual objects like coconut shells. He experiments with the chemistry of film developing, using honey, tea, shallots, chocolate, sweet potatoes, vitamins, rosemary, and all kinds of things from the grocery store to the garden.

Cutler’s process is driven by his curiosity. For instance, after learning how to build simple homemade equipment to melt metals, including aluminum, brass, and bronze, metal casting has been an important and fun process for both creating his work and helping other artists create their own pieces.

You could say that Roger is a true artist. He works with many different materials, invents new ones, and pushes their limits. His completed work is a testament to the importance he puts on discovery in his art making process.

He is inspired by the words of his friend and poet, Roy Utley, “I see myself on an adventure riding a wild beast and I’m still dreaming large.”

Roger Cutler

Freight Gallery is located at 2414 Douglas Street NE.