David Camero’s Primordial Spirits at Culture Coffee

By Editorial Team on May 24, 2017
Image courtesy of the artist.
Image courtesy of the artist.


Opening: Saturday, May 27 from 6pm to 8pm


“I have been an artist since childhood, looking to express feelings as an explosion of sensibilities. Drawing, painting, making collages and puppets of found objects, imagining fantastic landscapes to create my own world. In Altagracia, Venezuela, my parents town, during my early years, I won a second place art contest and had the opportunity to work with several Masters instructors like Chepin Lopez y Fernadez. They taught me important tips & methods to improve my skills and always encouraged me to be a good painter.

Later, I studied in the school of Art at the University Central of Venezuela, but I finished with a BA Degree in Literature. After a couple years in Paris, France, I studied at Ecole Jacques Lecoq and showed work alongside French painters.

When I came back to Caracas, Venezuela, I continued be involved around theatrical projects making set decors as an artistic director. During the 90s, I founded my own entertainment company called TAI (Taller de Artes Integrales/Integrals Arts Studio) and The Bouffon Company with a focus in the relationship between the visual arts and diverse artistic expressions such as performance.

My thesis degree “Buffoon Impression” was about jesters and fools iconography. I attempted to find a relationship between my ‘style of  life’ and my favorites characters in art history. In the process, I pulled from two geniuses, W. Shakespeare and F. Rabelais, to fuel my imagination, launch my career and help me to fulfill my artistic expression.

I especially love the Renaissance as well as others artistic movements, like the Surrealism, Fauvism, some romanticism and folks subjects. I try to recreate playful pieces with a theatrical accent that reflects my profound need to communicate.

I received several  distinctions  as a painter as well  as an actor during my long carrier. Always looking to at the relationships between diverse artistic expressions, over the last ten years, I worked simultaneously on different series. Designing theatrical accessories and painting “Icons” are like tribute exercises to my favorite historical characters and artistic movements.

In Washington DC, where I have lived since 2004, I worked on several schools and development centers and teaching cultural workshops. I continue participating in solo shows and collectives around the national capital. Recently I founded the ALACP/Art Latin American Collective Project inviting talented Latin American artists who live along the East Coast, to promoting work together and to share our creativity and diverse cultural backgrounds with others.”

David Camero’s recent body of work will be shown at Culture Coffee. Culture Coffee is located at 709 Kennedy St. NW.