Artists By the Tracks Winter Open Studios

By Editorial Team on December 5, 2022

Event: Saturday, December 10 from 11am to 5pm

Artists By the Tracks are excited to open their studios to the public on December 10th, from 11 am – 5 pm in Mount Rainier, MD.  The Winter Open Studio is open to the public, and allows the opportunity to mingle and jingle with professional artists working in a wide variety of media.  Artists will have recent work available for viewing and purchasing, and visitors will be able to experience the multiple murals recently installed throughout the warehouse studio buildings.


Joe Hicks Ceramics 3709 37th Street New ceramics by Joe Hicks (OPEN 12-4PM)

Otis Street Arts Project 3706 Otis Street: Chris Bohner, Gloria Chapa, Chris Combs, Elizabeth Curren, Art Drauglis, Liz Lescault, Kirsty Little, Shelley Lowenstein, CeCi Cole McInturff, Lisa Rosenstein, David Mordini

Washington Glass School 3700 Otis Street: Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, Michael Janis, Christina Helowicz, April Shelford, Diane Cabe, John Henderson, Vibha Bhatia, Trish Kent, Patricia De Poel Wilberg, Maven Kahn, Gaby Morris, Graciela Granek, Kate Barfield, Sean Robinson, Daphne Mayas

Orange door Studios 3706 Wells Street: Veronica Szalus, Ellyn Weiss, Brian Williams, Ellen Sinel

3702 Rear Otis Street: Jeremy Flick, Janis Goodman

Blue Door Studios 3704 Rear Otis Street: Alonzo Davis, Alec Simpson

3706 Rear Otis Street: Valerie Theberge, Sharon Robinson

3708 Wells Street: Laurel Lukaszewski, Julia Walther

3700 Rear Wells Street: Arlette Jassel, Robert DeversMaggie, Kelly Posey