DC Dada Art and RhizomeDC Present Acts of Resistance through Absurd Resilience

By Editorial Team on March 22, 2021
Dave Mordini, Pandemic Jenna, 2021, Found Objects, 3D Printing.
On view through March 28, 2021.

Presented by the collective DC Dada Art and on view through March 28, Acts of Resistance through Absurd Resilience features over 20 artists in the gallery, as well as over 15 performance art and burlesque acts in a virtual showcase. This exhibition is a reaction to watching moderates get woke then just as quickly fall back into the sleep of complacency.

Exhibition Artists: AnaMarie King, AndiLand, Briget Heidmous, Chris Combs, Dave Mordini, Electra B, Emma Goodman, Heloisa Escudero, Henry Dotson, Howard Hill, Kaj Robinson, Katie Macyshyn, Khadija Jamila, Kris Roth, Layse Almeda, Marelle Myers, Max DeMulder, Mikey Cabezas, Naomi Weintraub, Renée Regan, Sam Viotty, Shawn McDonald, VVill Levvis

About DC Dada Art: Started in 2016 at the DC Art Studios, DC Dada Art was formed by AnaMarie King, Kris Roth, and Renée Regan, inspired by the historical Dada art movement. Originating in Europe during the First World War, Dada spanned visual art, poetry, and performance, and was often satirical and nonsensical in nature. DC Dada Art began with a centennial celebration of Dadaism in 2016 called The Hugo Ball – A Dada Centennial Soiree that included collage workshops, musical, poetic, and artistic performances alongside visual art. Acts of Resistance through Absurd Resilience is the third DC Dada Art exhibition at Rhizome and features pi-litical visual art of paintings, photographs, drawings, collages, sculptures, and installation art.

About Rhizome: RhizomeDC is a nonprofit community arts space dedicated to promoting creativity as a force for personal empowerment and community engagement. We host programs that promote creativity in all its forms. These include concerts, workshops, performances, talks, exhibitions, and demonstration projects in areas such as art, music, technology, theater, local food, poetry, as well as in more esoteric fields of knowledge. We believe it’s more interesting to make your own culture than to consume culture made by others. We also strongly support non-commercial artistic experiences and seek to provide a space for artists to create experimental works and share the results with the broader community.

Exhibition on view until March 28th for one pod at a time and masks required at all times – please email info@rhizomedc.org to make an appointment and direct questions or comments to dcdadaart@gmail.com.

Rhizome is located at 6950 Maple St NW, a short walk from the Takoma Park metro station, and parking is available on site.

You can access the online performance showcase here with a suggested donation of at least $3.14:  withfriends.co/event/9512076/