Foundry Gallery Presents Internal Weather January All-Member Exhibit

By East City Art Editorial Team on January 9, 2023

Fri, January 6 2023 — Sun, January 29 2023

Allen Hirsh, Windblown Lamp, 30” x 40,” Mathematically transformed image on acrylic sheet

A new year brings reflection and possibilities. Time feels as if it has reached its slowest point, but even the coldest days can bring the hopeful warmth of the sun. The work featured in Foundry Gallery’s January All-Member exhibit speaks to these conflicting emotions: excitement and hesitation, mourning and joy.

Hirsh’s Windblown Lamp evokes the carapace of an insect or an indigenous headdress, a desire to break the chains of hibernation in flight or dance. The mixed media techniques in Avra’s Talking About the Weather are musical: beaded patterns which could symbolize the cyclical rhythms of all life are imposed on vibrant brushstrokes creating an urgent melody. The growth of spring rising to the surface. Fleming’s Nevermore brings to mind a refuge from the bleakest winter nights. A land both imposing and limitless.


  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

Foundry Gallery is located at 2118 – 8th Street NW.