Touchstone Gallery Presents SEQUENCE

By Editorial Team on January 17, 2023

Thu, 12 January 2023 - Mon, 20 February 2023

AI House 50, Iteration 4 by Michelle Robinson. Hand cross stitch on aida cloth, personally trained GAN. 12” x 12”.
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21 from 4pm to 7pm

Touchstone Gallery presents SEQUENCE; an international open call exhibition which invited artists to submit artworks created with, or influenced by, technology.

Jurors Maleke Glee, Director of Art & Programming at STABLE, Lauren Leving, Curator at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, and Roddy Schrock, Executive Director, Eyebeam selected thirty-one pieces for the gallery show and thirteen additional works in a virtual exhibition. Forty-four artists from fourteen states plus Japan and the United Kingdom have work in the SEQUENCE exhibition. “It was beautiful to see the thoughtful submissions. They highlighted art as a technology, as a tool to probe, reflect and expand our notions of technology,” says SEQUENCE juror Maleke Glee. “Artists are at the center of societal innovations and these submissions reflect material and social concerns and possibilities of technology.”

SEQUENCE showcases an extensive range of how technology is utilized in art, from 3D printed sculpture, to AI-generated images translated into hand cross-stitch to digital paintings, time-based media, animation photography, NFC-embedded mixed media and more.

“Technological developments have always presented a disruption to artmaking, and are rarely without scandal. Digital photography was once seen as an unskilled replacement for film, and even before that, film challenged the plate. But like so many technological advances, from Photoshop to projectors to the iPad, what really matters is how the tool is used by the artist,” says Abbey Alison McClain, Executive Director of Touchstone Gallery. “The current technology most disrupting the art world is AI (artificial intelligence), with mixed opinions and results, accompanied by copyright infringement and ethical quandaries. SEQUENCE includes several pieces by artists that utilize AI as a way to enhance their artistic practice, rather than deleting the human artist from the process. We hope this exhibition can help gallery visitors expand on how they think about art and technology.”

SEQUENCE will be on view at Touchstone Gallery from January 12 until February 20, 2023. Screenings of video-based pieces will be at 7:00 pm on January 20, January 25, February 3, February 15, and February 18. The digital exhibition will be available at starting on January 14, 2023.


  • Wednesday – Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
  • and by appointment

Touchstone Gallery is located at 901 New York Avenue NW.