"DC8 Totems" Pole Raising Ceremony

By Editorial Team on September 16, 2010


Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 18 4pm -6pm
DC8 Totems H Street Totems on East City Art
The DC8 Totem Poles by Wilfredo Valladares is a new temporary art installation on the 300 block of H Street NE (between 3rd and forth street NE) commissioned by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH).  Steuart Investments, the owner and developer, has offered DCCAH the site in order to activate it with a temporary display of art until Steuart breaks ground on their development early next year.

DCCAH has been working closely with Commissioner Tony Richardson, ANC 6C05, throughout the process of this project.   DC8 Totem Poles will consist of 8 abstract totem poles symbolic of the 8 wards in DC.  Each pole recounts crucial historical and cultural elements within the wards and include actual testimonies from DC residents.

Due to timing constraints, only four of the eight totem poles will be on display during the H Street Festival.  A shaman is scheduled to make an appearance and will bless the totem poles.  The DCCAH is also planning on co-ordinating the Pole Raising Ceremony with a local bar and to coincide the ceremony’s closing at 6pm with Studio H’s opening of Camille Schefter’s “Insoluble” which will take place next door at 408a H ST NE from 6pm to 9pm.

More details about this event will be added to this post as information becomes available.