December 2017 Gateway Arts District Open Studios

By Editorial Team on December 4, 2017
Work by Ellyn Weiss. Courtesy of the artist.


Open Studios (See Locations Below)

Saturday, December 9 Noon to 5pm


Gateway Arts Center: 1st Floor, Brentwood Arts Exchange, Annual Craft Fair

2nd Floor:

  • 39th Street Gallery
  • Valerie Watson
  • Charles Reiher
  • Jodi Ferrier
  • Laurie Breen
  • Tina Silverman
  • Leila Holtsman
  • Melissa Glasser

Gateway Arts Center is located at 3901 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood MD.

Orange Door Studios

Saturday, December 9 from 12pm to 5pm
Get out to Mt. Rainier, the jewel of the Gateway Arts District, and see the work of Ellyn Weiss, the studio mates at Orange Door Studios, Ellen Sinel and Jassie Rios, as well as Sean Hennessy, Dave Mordini and the crew at Otis Street Arts Project, Laurel Lukaszewski and her mates at White Point Studios, Janis Goodman and many many more. And then mosey on down the road to see the artists in Brentwood and Hyattsville.

3706 Wells Ave., Mt. Rainier, MD


Photo courtesy of Blue Door Studios.

Blue Door Studios

Saturday, December 9 from 12pm to 4pm
A Reflection on Current Social Justice Issues
Artist: Alonzo Davis
3704 Otis, Mt. Rainier, MD

A Reflection on Current Social Justice Issues will be on view during the Winter Open Studios in Mount Rainier, December 9, 2017 from noon to 4 pm at the Blue Door Studios, 3704 Otis (rear parking lot), Mt. Rainier, MD.

In an effort to bring attention to power relationships within the United States, Maryland artist Alonzo Davis’s art project is using “bullet proof vests” as worn by law enforcement as visual metaphors.

Not until the artist created the collage/painting, Targeted In The USA did it occur to him that the bulletproof vest is as potent a symbol as the target. The idea for the installation came from a meeting he attended between law enforcement and the community held in Prince George’s County, Maryland. “The police wore their vests,” said Davis, “and the people did not. We were vulnerable.”

The vests are embellished with collaged photographs, paint, tags and will be displayed, suspended and worn by performance artists.

“Violence does not always come out of the barrel of a gun. Social injustices that violate our civil rights and liberties also do damage to the heart, the mind and the spirit.”

Wayson R. Jones, Moon, pumice gel, acrylic, gesso on wood panel, 6″ x 6″. Courtesy of the artist.

Studio 314

Saturday, December 9 from 12pm to 4pm
Artist: Wayson R. Jones
4303 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD

Join Wayson R. Jones and other artists of the Gateway Arts District as they host open studios Saturday, December 9, 12-4.  Jones will have new work on display as well as collectible small work at Studio 314, 4303 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD 20722.

Work by Jay Coleman. Courtesy of the artist.

Jay Coleman/Per-a JAHLION KMT Open Studio

Studio located at 3804 38th Ave Brentwood, MD 20722

Otis Street Arts Project Open Studio Tour

Otis Street Arts Project
Sean Hennessey
David Mordini
Hebron Chism
Alma Selimovic
Liz Lescault
Gloria Chapa
Chris Bohner
Art Drauglius
Ceci Cole McInturff
Shelley Lowenstein
John Henderson
Trish Kent
with a musical performance by Plastic Sky

Otis Street Arts Project is located at 3706 Otis Street Mount Rainier, MD

Courtesy of Gateway Arts Center and ez Storage Studios.
Gateway Arts Center and ez Storage Studios Winter Open Studios

Guests are invited to the Winter Open Studios at the Gateway Arts Center and the ez Storage Studios, one block from the other, free and open to the public. The Brentwood Arts Exchange is having their annual Craft Fair and artists from both buildings are opening their studios.

EZ Front studios:

  • Distinctly Creative
  • MIDE African Art Gallery
  • Susan Crane
  • Hennafy
  • Shahla Arbabi
  • Wayson Jones
  • Jaybird Art
  • LLC
  • Colin O’Brien

EZ Rear studios:

  • Stan Piotroski
  • Waldridge studios
  • Leslie Berns
  • Gaston Lacombe
  • Denise Wamaling
  • Mark Wamaling
  • Tom Hill
  • John Paradiso