Delaplaine Visual Arts and Education Center Presents Artemis Herber Liminal States: Paintings and Sculptures 2014–2017

By Editorial Team on October 3, 2017

Sat, 07 October 2017 - Sun, 29 October 2017

Artemis Herber, Derranged, acrylic on corrugated cardboard, found rusted train track nails, 80×95″, 2017. Courtesy of the Delaplaine Visual Arts and Education Center.
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7 from 3pm to 5pm

Gallery Talk: Saturday, October 7 from 2pm to 3pm

Through the use of cardboard, an omnipresent raw industrial material used for packing and shipping everything we consume, I raise questions about urban culture and sustainability while exploring geo-economic landscapes expressing local issues on global concerns. Artistic strategies, aesthetics and themes are liminal in nature by using principles of disappearance, erasure and disintegration to capture the transitory and reveal the hidden. My work examines the relationship between space and place while exploring environments permeated with a sense of instability.

Historical, political and economic shaped environments are reflected in these works through the generation of cityscapes that seem familiar and yet come from another time. They represent the energy of human creativity and the mastery of space, which raises questions on how our will to shape the world will behave at the moment. – Artemis Herber

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