The Driskell Center | Creativity, Collaboration, and Friendship

By Editorial Team on February 12, 2024

Fri, February 23 2024 — Wed, May 22 2024

Image Credit: David C. Driskell, Mask Series II, the Driskell Center
Opening Reception: Friday, February 23 from 6-8pm

Interpersonal connection was a central feature of David C. Driskell’s creative practice in the visual arts. His friendships were conduits for support, influence, and inspiration flowing in mutual and multiple directions. As an educator, curator, scholar, and historian, Driskell championed and helped to canonize the work of fellow African American artists, many of whom were both personal and professional collaborators. Whether coordinating with others in a printmaking workshop, dialoguing with fellow artists in settings both formal and informal, or contributing to the achievement of a shared goal, these collaborations proved fundamental to Driskell’s creative work.

While certain visions of the modern artist promote an individual working alone in the studio, this exhibition presents an alternate reality. In fact, this exhibition itself embodies collaboration through its interinstitutional co-curation and multi-venue itinerary. It also expresses a shared joy in highlighting Driskell’s generosity of spirit as part of his enduring legacy.

Driskell & Friends has been generously supported by the Maryland State Arts Council; the Clara Elizabeth Jackson Carter Foundation; The University of Maryland; Bonnie Thornton Dill, Dean Emerita of the College of Arts and Humanities; The University of Maryland’s Arts for All initiative; the Robert E. Steele Curatorial Fellowship; the Thompson Collections Fellowship; The Driskell Center Advisory Board; and The Driskell Center’s many dedicated patrons.

The exhibition was organized by Sheila Bergman, PhD, University of California, Riverside; Curlee Raven Holton, David C. Driskell Center, University of Maryland; and Heather Sincavage, Wilkes University. Its presentation at the University of Maryland was co-curated by Dr. Abby R. Eron and Dr. Jordana Moore Saggese.

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