Fred Schnider Gallery of Art Presents Sean Dudley, Sharon Fishel and David Sturtevant Sense of Place

By Editorial Team on May 1, 2023

Sat, 29 April 2023 — Sun, 25 June 2023

Sunflower Confluence by Sharon Fishel.

Sharon Fishel Bio:

Sharon Fishel is a visual artist who is the Director of the ArtReach Program, an in-gallery and outreach art educational program at the McLean Project for the Arts; a non-profit visual arts center that exhibits the work of emerging and established regional artists. Previously, she worked as the Principal Instructor for the Art Reach Program at The Whitney Museum of American Art (1978-1983). She holds an M.F.A. from Queens College, CUNY, an M.A. from New York University and a B.F.A. from The Hartford Art School at The University of Hartford. Fishel attended The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 1986 and has exhibited her work extensively in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and in New York City. Her work is included in the Artery Collection as well as various private collections in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Sean Dudley Bio:

Sean Dudley is a multidisciplinary artist in Arlington, Virginia. He graduated with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting and his work today is a combination of painting, drawing, photography, and woodworking. Through his art, he explores the nexus of human form with the inherent identity of his materials and techniques. He has exhibited widely in galleries and museums nationwide and welcomes new exhibition opportunities and commissions.

David Sturtevant:

A native of Washington DC, I have always been attracted to the urban environment as a source of inspiration. After graduating from Swarthmore College with a major in studio art and political science, I have lived in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston—before returning to DC. In that time, I have worked for several art museums and educational organizations. Exploring the light and life of my home city has been at the heart of my work and provided me endless source material, and I have actively exhibited my work in each city. I am currently the Art Department Chair and the School Curator at St. Albans School and continue to show my work in local exhibitions and private collections.

Artist’s Statement written by David Carlson:

Sense of Place starts somewhere; in the garden, a landscape in transition, within ourselves.  interacting, processing and expression define who we are and how we think of oneself.  We manifest different sensibilities ranging from physical and psychological to mystical interpretations. For these artists oil painting is important, it goes to their core and manifests through careful attention to elements of color, light, and scale. What seemingly starts with tangible evidence reveals through time hidden nuance inviting us, the viewer to enter new ‘scapes’ of what it is to be human.

For Sharon Fishel painting reveals the growth and decay involved in the life cycle of plants as symbolic landscapes often either aquatic or earthly. Through geometric mandalas and organic shapes the botanical attributes are transformative and healing, places for grief, loss and joy which deeply embody human experience.

Sean Dudley believes that a sense of place is found within ourselves. Faces and bodies reveal hints of our immense inner landscape finding balance between nobility and vulnerability in every composition. Sculptural substrates cradle paintings to create something new with its own identity, not just a representation of something else.

David Sturtevant is intrigued by places overlooked, where light rarely reaches, places in transition. His intention is not to paint from direct observation. Through exploring, simplifying and abstracting elements that caught his attention he creates landscapes that are not actual locations rather he intends to study and capture the feeling of place.


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