Duly Noted Painters Presents In the Flesh: An Exhibition of New Drawings

By Editorial Team on February 23, 2016
Harem Study I, 2015 14H x 17W, inches Charcoal on paper. Courtesy of Duly Noted Painters.
Harem Study I, 2015 14H x 17W, inches Charcoal on paper. Courtesy of Duly Noted Painters.


Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27 from 7pm to 10pm


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In the Flesh is on display at 51st Loft through March 26th. For additional information direct message or email us at dulynotedpainters@gmail.com.

About Duly Noted
Duly Noted Painters are the Washington, DC based artistic duo consisting of Kurtis Ceppetelli and Matthew Malone. The two painters met in 2009 while working at The Phillips Collection. They soon discovered a way to explore something new, artistically, capturing and expressing real-time experiences and interactions on canvas. “Our creative process is a true collaboration, similar to jazz musicians, at times we work together simultaneously, while there are times where one steps back to observe the other until inspired to take action.”

In general, each piece starts with an exploratory idea or goal in mind. Our work pulls from multiple sources that ultimately guide us to a conclusion. Some things are left as is, re-positioned, altered, or removed entirely. Our process does not adhere to a set formula dictating who does what, when. Our approach allows for dramatic changes within each artist and piece, leading to surprising and often unexpected results.

The materials we use are a combination of charcoal, recycled latex house paint and drop cloth canvas. These can be found at any local hardware store. The paints are quick drying yet still allows for easy reworking. This plays into our ability to work together at the same time.

Whether hidden or exposed, everything left for the viewer to see contains bits and pieces from each of us. Together as Duly Noted and with an inherent understanding of our craft, we pick up the tools left by the artists before us in effort to continue a tradition in redefining what painting is.

51st Loft is located at 2512 L Street NW. For more information about Duly Noted Painters please visit www.dulynotedpainters.com.