Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club

By Editorial Team on January 4, 2018
Image courtesy Astro Pop Events.


DC: January 5-6 @ Gala Hispanic Theatre

Baltimore: January 12-13 @ Creative Alliance

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club, now in its 8th iteration, returns to Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD to celebrate the King’s birthday in sexy, subversive, satirical style. Hosts “Elvis” and Kittie Glitter take care of business as emcees of this hilarious underground event. In seven elaborately staged rounds, this action-packed, 90-minute evening offers flim-flam fisticuffs, cartoon-like violence and below-the-belt comedy. Burlesque talents Nona Narcisse, Maria Bella, and Candy del Rio will help keep the audience “all shook up” between fights!

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club takes place at DC’s Gala Hispanic Theatre (3333 14th Street NW) January 5 @ 8 pm and January 6 @ 7 pm and 9:30 pm. The show gets back into the ring the following weekend at Baltimore’s Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Ave) at 8 pm on January 12 and 13. Tickets are $25 in advance. Ticket links and information at fightclubshow.com. 21+.

The mythos behind Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club starts with Commodious, the toilet of Graceland (puppeted by Andrew Wodzianski), who mishears his King’s dying wish. Elvis probably said he wanted a “nightclub,” but Commodious believes he wanted a “fight club.” With the limited resources of a toilet, he sets out to celebrate The King’s birthday, not with party hats and cake, but back alley fisticuffs and hot tah-tahs.

Creating the seven fights on this year’s roster was a challenge, and the writers admit that the 2018 choices might get “a little weird.” The writing team traditionally pitches their fighters over several beers and dukes it out while refining the list. “It can get heated,” says Jei Spatola, who plays Kittie Glitter. “Everyone comes in having put a lot of work in and ready to defend their babies. And the past 12 months provided a lot of material.” This year’s line-up necessitated a second pitch session, and with the help of several rounds of Bloody Marys, the roster emerged. “We dug kinda deep and dark this year…and we like it.”

Though always a closely-guarded secret, whoever — or whatever — is on this year’s fight card will offer intensely absurd combat. EBFC’s past matches have included “Freddie Mercury” vs “The Queen of England,” “Pringles” vs “Sally the Utz Girl,” “Congress” vs. a Clown, and “Putin” vs. a Unicorn.

Featuring: Jared Davis as “Elvis,” Jei Spatola as Kittie Glitter, Andrew Wodzianski as Commodious, Maria Bella, Carlos Bustamante, DD Cupcakes, Matt Grant, Eleni Grove, Nona Narcisse, Candy Del Rio, Christian Sullivan, Stephon Walker, and more.

About producer Astro Pop Events: Turning 10 in 2018, Astro Pop is a group of artists who come together to create unique and off-beat entertainment. The group specializes in short-run, high-impact, event-style theater. Astro Pop’s credits include America The Game Show (2016), Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club (since 2011) and Countdown to Yuri’s Night (2008 – 2015). Other wacky side projects include concocting crazy floats for DC’s Funk Parade, pre-show entertainment for DC Drive-In at Union Market, and Pop! The Game Show for Artisphere’s Andy Warhol Exhibition.