Evolve Urban Arts Project Presents Guerra & Weapons Encaustic Paintings by Jorge Luis Bernal

By Editorial Team on September 18, 2012
Crossing the T. Photo courtesy Evolve Urban Arts Project.


Opening Reception: Thursday, September 20 from 5:30-8:30 pm.

September 20 through November 2, 2012



About the artist
Jorge Luis Bernal is an artist who has spent most of his life learning, teaching and making art. Born in Havana and raised in Jersey City, he earned a BFA from Florida International University in ceramics and art history.  He later received his MFA in architecture from Virginia Tech.

He is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed-media painting, collage/assemblage.  He spent most of his earlier carrier teaching college and high school and has exhibiting nationally. Jorge most recently has been focusing on encaustic monotypes and has received numerous awards for his work.

His work is inspired by a variety of interests: the exhilaration of color, texture, space and interpreting human emotions, biblical texts and spirituality.

Artist Statement

GUERRA: The state of armed conflict or the condition of hostile contention.

WEAPONS: Any implement, device, instrument, or object that is used for attack or defense in a fight.

“This body of work explores the philosophy of war, weapons and soldiering. It centers on four general questions: What is war? What causes war? What is the relationship between human nature and war? Can war ever be morally justifiable?

These compositions represent personal archetypes communicated through lines, shapes, texture and colors. The art I create is not meant to be literally representational. It is left open to the viewer’s interpretation and, hopefully, self-discovery.  What is hidden or, conversely, only partially revealed in the work is just as important as what is seen. In life, as in art what is not said is often as important as what is clearly articulated.”

Encaustic Monotypes
“This work is done on an evenly heated flat metal plate. I use the Roland Encaustic HOTbox for this, which also makes an excellent painter’s palette. I make or mix most of my paint colors apply them directly to the hot plate, melting instantly. The image is manipulated with brushes or tools. Paper is laid on the plate and the image is transferred by gently pressing the back of the paper by hand using a block-printing tool, the baren. Prints may be calligraphic, single-pass images, which leave areas of the paper open, or they may be overprinted many times creating layered depth of color.  I often sketch- draw ideas with soft lead pencils or use graphite powder. Areas left clear or with lightly pigmented wax makes thinner paper translucent, allowing for light to come through.  The pieces can be displayed under glass or mounted on wood panels (my preference) and finished with several layers of wax medium, which is fused by the use of a heat gun or a torch.”


For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Geoff Ault, the Project’s curator, at 202.744.6439 or by email at geoff@evolveDC.com

Evolve Urban Arts Project is located at 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE.  Visit them online at www.evolvedc.org