Falls Church Arts Gallery 2022 All Member Show

By East City Art Editorial Team on March 21, 2022

Sat, March 26 2022 — Sun, May 8 2022

Susanne Tabet, The Reason Why. Courtesy of Falls Church Arts Gallery.

One hundred nineteen artists will be featured in the 2022 All Member Show at the Falls Church Arts gallery from March 26-May 8.

The show features the work of emerging and established member artists from Falls Church Arts and encompasses an extensive range of media from watercolor, acrylic, and oil to photography and sculpture to a wide variety of mixed media.

Participating artists include Brian Aburano, Donna Amedeo, Anne M. Arnett, Abinaya Ayyamperumal, John Ballou, Jean Barrett, Naguel Belouad, June Beyer, Joan Bixler, Diana Bozza, Teresa Brunson, Lucy Buchness, Joanne Burke, Mari Calai, Bonnie Carpenter, Deborah Conn, Sophie Dandridge, Dennis D’Bayan, Joe Ditchett, Kathleen Dodson, Vicky Dorn-Fontana, Gaetana Ebbole, Scott Engdahl, Samantha Lane Fiddy, Maria Fiorella, Scottie Fleming, Mara Flynn, Steena Fullmer, Betty Ganley, Nick Gatz, Robert Gilbert, Kathy Glazer, Craig Glazer, Donna Grone, David Hale, Hope Hanes, Gregory Harris, James Hengst, Patricia Hickey, Linda Hill, Veronica Howard, Pamela Huffman, Jaime Iglehart, Ligia Inra, Nancy Jakubowski, Kiefer Johnson, Chris Kagy, Roxanne Kaylor, Connie Keith, Peggy King, James Klumpner, Camille Kouyoumdjian, Julie Krachman, Victoria Lakes, Pamela Lakes, Leslie Landerkin, Ilona Lantos, Debra M. Lee, Richard Levine, Trudy Levy, Sissie Lewis, Naomi Lipsky, Patty Loveless, Ginny Loving, Russ Mardon, Carolyn Marshall Wright, Mary-Jeanne Martz, Carol May, Molly McCracken,  Jane Mcelvany Coonce, Alice Louise McGrorey, Anne Meagher-Cook, Cynthia Miller, Maureen Minard, Marilyn Miyamoto, Christine Moerenhout-Hubloue, Judith Montoya, Gini Moore, Nan Morrison, Jennifer Murphy, Dawn Murphy, Tony Neville, Nancy Newman, Jane Podesta, Helen Power, Van Pulley, Dora Ramirez, Margaret Raymond, Ronald Reel, Elisabeth Rhyne, Phyllis Roderer, Susan Sanders, Ernie Sanders, Cathy Schwartz, Alexia Scott, Richard Sewall, Michele Sheedy, Diana Sherblom, Janet Sifers, Greg Skrtic, Joan Slottow, Iryna Smitchkova, Margaret Stewart, Cathy Summers, Nafia Syeed, Susanne Tabet, C Tabois, Robert Tiemann, Diane Trent, Joyce Turk, John Valenti, Roberta Van Haeften, Shaun Van Steyn, Loida Velilla, Casey Wait, Linda Wallace-Blau, Bob Wentworth, Jessie Whitten, and Amanda Wood.

Falls Church Arts focuses on the visual arts, bringing opportunities to exhibit, learn about, share, and experience art to our community. Since its inception in 2003, educating the community about the arts has been the core mission of the organization. Classes are offered throughout the year and cater to a wide range of ages and skill levels. Many of the classes focus on developing or enhancing core skills. For more information on classes, visit our website at https://www.fallschurcharts.org.

Falls Church Arts is supported by funding from its members, corporate donors, and the community at large. It has been the honored recipient of grants from the City of Falls Church’s CATCH Foundation and ArtsFairfax.


  • Wednesdays-Saturdays: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Sundays: 11 am to 2 pm

Admission is free and the gallery and Masks and social distancing are required.

The Falls Church Arts gallery is at 700-B West Broad St. (Route 7), Falls Church.