Fathom Creative Hosts Interdisciplinary A Group Art Installation

By Editorial Team on December 15, 2014
Photo courtesy of Fathom Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Fathom Gallery.


Event: Wednesday, December 17 from 6:30pm to 9pm


On December 17, 2014, Fathom Gallery (1333 14th St NW) will open its doors for a one-night group art installation, Interdisciplinary. The event will feature eleven local artists, all of which have been affiliated with Fathom Creative or ArtSee, the event coordinator. The artists, working in several different mediums include, Fabiano Amin, Christopher Baer, Chad Bartlett, Stephen Benedicto, Michael Crossett, Jeremy Flick, Charlie Gaynor, Serli Lala, Brian Petro, Wil Scott, and Nima Veiseh. In addition to affordable art at great prices, Slipstream, the newest coffee shop and cocktail bar addition to 14th St will serve cocktails, beer and wine.

The eleven-featured artists create works in photography, painting, drawing, and mixed media, in a variety of styles and techniques. New to Fathom Gallery are Michael Crossett, Charlie Gaynor, Wil Scott, Jeremy Flick and Christopher Baer, who will join artists that have previously shown in the space, Fabiano Amin, Chad Bartlett, Stephen Benedicto, Nima Veiseh, Brian Petro and Serli Lala.

With a variety of different mediums represented, photographers Chad Bartlett, Charlie Gaynor, Wil Scott, Serli Lala and Stephen Benedicto all present the world through their lens in different ways. Fabiano Amin, Christopher Baer, Nima Veiseh and Jeremy Flick all use paint to depict their story, while mixed media artists Brian Petro and Michael Crossett change the world around them in various ways. All eleven of the artists will have works for sale of a wide range of price points from $3,500 down to $300.

Fabiano Amin, a native Brazilian, is an abstract painter who started teaching himself to pain in 2008. He considers everything him to be inspiration and really tries to capture the vibrancy and beauty in the world.

A large format contemporary artist by genre, Christopher Baer creates work that both gestural and vague and also meticulous and detailed. A native Washingtonian, Baer is inspired by his home in the Palisades to develop his style and the techniques in his bodies of work.

With an ongoing interest in various communities, Chad Bartlett documents the world through his lens. As a photographer and videographer Bartlett has brought the stories of villages, states and nations to life through his style of documentary like works.

Stephen Benedicto specializes in editorial photography and photo printmaking. In addition to capturing the details, people and places of the world around him, Benedicto also focuses his projects on architectural details that one might miss.

Using almost pop-like imagery, Michael Crossett brings landmarks, road signs and the staples of communities to life. Currently focusing on Washington, DC, Crossett overlays recognizable imagery in unique angles, colors and sizes.

Working with the smallest pixels that our eyes are glued to in our daily lives, Jeremy Flick creates complex geometric abstractions. His work is made up of colorful geometric forms that repeat in different patterns created in a meticulously detailed.

A photographer by trade, Charlie Gaynor, has been living and working in Washington, DC since 1971. He considers his work the “found objects” of his life and travels, often simply sharing the scenes around him.

Serli Lala considers herself a hoarder of memories, using photography to bring those memories to life and share then with others. Her work is often dream like, playful but yet gives a glimpse to her inner thoughts and experiences.

Having grown up with an interest in art, Brian Petro now creates bold, colorful and charismatic imagery out of really anything he can get his hands on. A true mixed media artist, his works range from printmaking, to painting, to collage and even sculpture.

Wil Scott is a traditional photographer interested in the complexities, beauty and often their void in the world. His work is an attempt at capturing a single moment in his environment, a fleeting moment, almost never to be duplicated.

The enigma of Nima Veiseh is how is work can be so explosive and calming at the same time. Working primarily in paint, Veiseh creates abstract imagery that shares his inner thoughts in the boldest way.

In association with Fathom Creative, Fathom Gallery is a multi-level, flexi-use event space supporting a community-wide effort to foster appreciation for local arts, culture, digital and interactive art and design, and general community involvement. Past art exhibitions include artists, Sean Hunter, Corcoran Design, and Cloud Terre.

Fathom Gallery is located at  1333 14th St NW.