February 2021 Exhibitions at Studio Gallery

By Editorial Team on February 8, 2021
Marionette Workshop: Mandalay, Andrea Rowe Kraus, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 48 in.
On view through Saturday February 27, 2021.

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moved to the lower gallery, and our upper gallery is available by appointment or request.

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Unmasked: Dolls, Masks, and Marionettes
Andrea Rowe Kraus
Artist and avid traveler Andrea Rowe Kraus presents a new exhibition inspired by international markets, and the beautiful masks and dolls that they contain. Centered around the artist’s travels to Ghana, Sierra Leone,
Myanmar, Austria, and Uzbekistan, Kraus uses her varied repertoire of artistic media to transport the viewer into the
scene. Acrylic paintings, lino prints, and photographs are richly layered with collage elements that pay homage to the
markets’ fine craftsmen, and include authentic materials such as Ikat fabric from Uzbekistan. Every print in the exhibition
is done in the reduction, or “suicide,” method of printing, in which the block is cut away after each color is printed, allowing for no mistakes, and displaying the artist’s touch.

Collage, featuring artwork by J.S. Herbert, Camilla King, and Shawn “Painta” Lindsay.

2021 Fellowship Exhibition
At the heart of Studio Gallery is our mission to uplift young and emerging artists. This year, our annual Fellowship exhibition highlights three emerging artists who infuse everyday observations with elements of the extraordinary. Shawn “Painta” Lindsay derives inspiration from women’s social media feeds, transforming casual photos
into vibrant paintings that pulse with energy. Ceramicist J.S. Herbert subverts traditional ceramics practices though her
illustrative, textured glazing and swooping forms. Our newest Fellow, artist Camilla King, uses a plethora of of media
(including printmaking, oil paint, and gouache) to convey the beauty of African American people. Through their original
artwork, our Fellows represent the spirit of DC’s burgeoning artist community. Studio Gallery strives to support artists in
our community while fostering public appreciation for diverse local art.