Athenaeum | Leanne Fink National Treasures

By Editorial Team on November 27, 2023

Thu, November 30 2023 — Sun, January 7 2024

Leanne Fink, “Dancing Shadows Over the Grand Canyon”, 30″ x 24″, oil and cold wax on linen panel
Reception: Sunday, December 3 from 4-6pm

National Treasures is a collection of oil and cold wax paintings by Leanne Fink that pays homage to the grandeur of America’s National Parks. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Leanne is known for her visually dynamic landscapes.

“You cannot see all that is America from the air.” These words became the impetus for a ‘no reservations’ drive into the heartland. Revisiting her photographic collection ignited the inspiration to create the fifteen works of art in National Treasures.

Leanne states, “As diverse as its people, our land is so incredibly different from east to west, north to south. I have seen epic vistas with views that reach to infinity. I have heard tumbling torrents that sparkle and roll with the rhythms of the earth. I have felt the sharp sensations of ancient crags against my feet and arctic winds across my face. The experience is humbling.

“As a lifelong artist, I am compelled to paint. I choose to elevate the regal beauty of the land, sea and sky. I feel it is like a sacred trust. With our quickly changing climate, perhaps I am painting for posterity in order to preserve what may not be around in the future. Perhaps I am painting to heal the spirit through the universal language of visual art.

“My wish is that this body of work will uplift those who view it. On a deeper level, I hope it will raise awareness for the fragile beauty that surrounds us and serve as an oasis where we may reflect on our interactions with the natural world.”

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