FOUND DC at Alethia Tanner Park in Eckington

By East City Art Editorial Team on April 17, 2023

Sat, April 22 2023 — Sat, May 6 2023

Schematic sculptures shown in the park, created by Ira Tattelman

FOUND – bringing temporary, community-made, found-object sculptures to Alethia Tanner Park in Eckington on Earth Day 2023 starting at noon

FOUND, created and organized by Ira Tattelman, funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Public Art Building Communities Grant Program. Supported by community partner Eckington Parks and Arts.

Website –

Instagram – @found.dc

Facilitators – Sondra Arkin, Tim Kime, Lisa Rosenstein, Ira Tattelman


  • Saturday, April 22 –Earth Day exhibit including dedication ceremony Starting at noon

Location: Alethia Tanner Park, Harry Thomas Way NE, Eckington, DC along the Metropolitan Branch Trail

Found-Object Sculptures

There are numerous ways to create found-object sculptures, including collecting many small items and piling, building, and attaching them into one larger item; or finding one or two big items and rethinking, rearranging, and transforming them into something else. Through FOUND, our community will make art and sculptures from waste – a fun and interesting way to see trash in a new light.

Project Description

FOUND connects the community to the arts, bringing in four contemporary DC artists to facilitate our workshops. We will scavenge the neighborhood for things thrown-away. We will reuse those objects as well as the found materials participants bring to the workshops. We will make something unique, environmentally friendly, and temporary with our participants.

The goal is to help make the arts more accessible and inclusive–– enabling a broad range of neighbors to experience the power of the arts and achieve their artistic potential.