Foundry Gallery | Allen Hirsh Phases

By Editorial Team on February 28, 2022

Fri, 04 March 2022 - Sun, 27 March 2022

Allen Hirsh, Diamond Verticality, 17.5” x 19.5”, Mathematically transformed image on premium paper.
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The elements which form the cradle of life are often taken for granted. We ignore the dazzling intricacies of what is beneath our feet, until visions of extraordinary magic remind us of the gifts of existence.

Allen Hirsh’s show, Phases, emphasizes the complexity of fluids, both liquid (think oil and water) and solid (think congealed lava). Using the power of the unique mathematical painting program he has created he transforms mundane photographs into multi-layered fantasies pulsating with color, firing imaginative landscapes full of startling phases.

Foundry Gallery is located at 2018 – 8th Street NW.