Foundry Gallery Presents Joseph Shetler The Habitual Line

By Editorial Team on July 8, 2019
Joseph Shetler, Untitled 10 – 36 x 36 – graphite on paper on panel. Courtesy of Foundry Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13 from 5pm to 8pm

Joseph Shetler approaches post-minimalism as a practice of simplicity, in art and in life.  Shetler was born in Goshen, Indiana, raised in a Mennonite family.  His work in this juried guest show reflects a sense of consistency and order.  In earlier work he relied on the grid as a compositional principle.  Now he allows it to lead into simple patterns and progressions, creating a logical drawing that can be read.  The two series in this show consist of the most traditional forms of mark-making: silverpoint and graphite.  They are varied and textured to disrupt what he calls the habitual line.

“Mennonite families typically live humbly,” Shetler says. “Homes are not embellished with art, excess or worldly items, but are rather of modest design. One of the ways to live simply is to not place too much emphasis on the pursuit of worldly success, popular culture, and social media. I create work that reflects these values; it’s a rejection of the things that I believe complicate our lives.”

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