Foundry Gallery Presents Katherine Blakeslee Connections

By Editorial Team on April 12, 2021

Fri, April 2 2021 — Sun, May 2 2021

Katherine Blakeslee, Blooming Trees – 15 x 22 – watercolor.
On View: April 2 – May 2, 2021

The magical line between the sky and land or sea “has always captivated me, conjuring up faraway places,” says Katherine Blakeslee.  “As a child at the beach, I once tried to dig to China.  Another day, standing with my toes in the ocean, I imagined someone in Spain wading through the same water.  Bright, hazy or hidden by a storm, the horizon is a connection, not only a dividing point.”

In these new works Blakeslee employs a formal simplicity and restricted palate that show how evocative that horizon line can be.  We see this not only in the dramatic Spring Storm but in her whimsical depiction of the half-seen things that swim beneath the surface.  In Vietnam Peace spatial contrast with a distant shore makes us think of violence, loss and resolution.  Blooming Trees paints the horizon as a garden.

“I fell in love with watercolor for its ability to capture nature’s mysterious and sometimes other-worldly moods,” Katherine says. “The challenge of this medium lies in shared creativity between the artist and the paint. Neither has complete control.”

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