Foundry Gallery Presents Katherine Blakeslee Currents

By Editorial Team on June 6, 2022

Fri, 03 June 2022 - Sun, 26 June 2022

Katherine Blakeslee – Aurora –16” x 20” – Watercolor on paper
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 11 from 6pm to 8pm

Currents shape our lives and our planet. Sometimes they are barely perceptible, at others dramatic and forceful, even portending possible disaster.  From Blakeslee’s childhood in Maryland, currents in the sky and water have drawn her in through their mystery and beauty.  We may be washed along and comforted by gentle currents, or buffeted by the impact of wind, water, disease, politics, demographics and war.  Technology has added new possibilities and a new layer of complexity to these forces and their impact on us all.  Looking closely at our world reveals them and their changing patterns.

Watercolor is an old medium, but it captures feelings, images and currents, ancient and modern. Blakeslee loves the way in which the artist and the medium work together or maybe even at cross-purposes, for the happy accidents and the sometime unexpected results that are greater than the sum of the parts.  Alcohol ink with which Blakeslee has been experimenting more recently has some similar qualities. This new exhibit aims to reveal currents, leaving the viewer to imagine how they affect us and the world around us.


  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 1pm to 7pm

Foundry Gallery is located at 2018 – 8th Street NW.