Foundry Gallery Presents Katherine Blakeslee Reflections

By Editorial Team on June 3, 2019

Wed, 05 June 2019 - Sun, 30 June 2019

Katherine Blakeslee, Meadow, 16 x 20, watercolor. Courtesy of Foundry Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8 from 6pm to 8pm

Katherine Blakeslee’s new exhibition invites us to be still and contemplate. It is a reflection of the artist’s thoughts on the turbulence and change in our world today and what they may mean for the planet and future generations. Art can provide a welcome respite from the conflict and uncertainties – upheavals in technology, politics, climate and demographics – surrounding us. Her new paintings place the close-up against a deep vista.

Blakeslee has been attracted to watercolor for its translucence and evanescence. They “render it a wonderful medium through which to capture the mysterious ways light and perspective change everything,” she says. “There is a shared creativity between the artist and the spontaneity of the paint, mediated by water.” Recently she has been experimenting with the vibrancy of alcohol inks.

Katherine Blakeslee is a self-taught artist based Washington DC. Born in Baltimore, she traveled the world and lived abroad before returning to the United States. Her art is inspired by her travels and long career in international development. She is a member of Foundry Gallery in Washington DC. Her work is in private collections throughout the US and Great Britain.

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