Foundry Gallery Presents Kurtis Ceppetelli and Matthew Malone Model Compositions: (conjunction of the figure)

By Editorial Team on May 31, 2018

Sat, 02 June 2018 - Sun, 01 July 2018

Shadow Between – 60 x 86 – charcoal and latex on canvas. Courtesy of Foundry Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 2 from 5pm to 8pm

Meet the Artists: Sunday, June 24 from 5pm to 7pm

Kurtis Ceppetelli and Matthew Malone, working together as Duly Noted Painters, create something dynamic: a tension of styles that becomes a complex unity, figures in tension that become compositions. There is not much in art like it.

This show evolved from a series of drawings done from nude models. “We use the drawings as pivot points for paintings, never knowing the end result,” they explain. “Figures conjoin with each other to create their own reality from one painting to the next. The same pose is repeated in a few paintings to bring out a different perspective and feeling. We initially give each piece a central figure and introduce more information in the form of additional figures and objects. Then we dissect or eliminate elements, creating a world for the figure to exist.

“At a certain point the painting develops a voice and begins to speak to us, telling us what it needs. And this ultimately guides us toward the finished work.”

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