Foundry Gallery Presents Lavely Miller-Kershman Paints

By Editorial Team on March 2, 2020

Sat, 07 March 2020 - Sun, 29 March 2020

Lavely Miller-Kershman, MillerBuilt Tattoo – 32 x 32 – acrylic on paper on canvas.
Reception: Saturday, March 7 from 5pm to 7pm

Lavely Miller-Kershman’s new show is a departure and a return.  A departure from her earlier paintings of explicit injury; a return to a more-classical style and a recognition that what she is doing is, indirectly, self-portraiture.  A subconscious narrative is observable in the portraits and figures she paints.  The girls and women are young, vulnerable, stoic — and dangerous.  They are recovering their balance.

Her new work is painted on paper affixed to canvas or wood, and incorporates many layers of acrylic glaze. Tiny amounts of color mixed with gel medium are applied one methodical layer at a time. This technique is what facilitates the smooth, optical glow of the paintings. The wrinkled texture comes from sealing and adhering the paper to a hard surface. She applies the paint with her fingers.

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