Foundry Gallery Presents Artist Choice 2022 Regional Juried Exhibit

By Editorial Team on August 1, 2022

Fri, 05 August 2022 - Sun, 28 August 2022

Todd Burger – The Warmth of Winter – 16” x 20” – Photograph
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 6 from 5pm to 7pm

Foundry Gallery’s Artist Choice juried exhibit presents a dynamic cross-section of artists working in the DC region.

Harland’s Shards evokes broken glass, beads of sweat, or hard candy. The geometric shapes are imposing, but the lush colors seduce the eye.

Berg’s Biography 1 presents a chamber play tableau, the lead character casting cautious glances at the surrounding shadow figures. The vibrating pencil-marks suggest breaking free from the stage.

The Patterns of text in Kazemzadeh’s Where Do We Go From Here? repeat words of desperation and violence, while the shapes and wood borders provide an earthbound calmness to the horror. The work proposes a reality where beauty can be created from the darker corners of existence.

Berger’s The Warmth of Winter renders the world in hushed golden tones, setting the modern home in a daguerreotype and reminding the viewer that the need for sanctuary is timeless.

The beads atop the gentle sea creatures in Avra’s The Birth of Venus provide graffiti or thought bubbles, showing that nature has a unique style and sense of humor.

The exhibit will also feature work from other singular artists throughout the region, including Sara Bardin, Vivian Cavalieri, Martin de Alteriis, Diana Derby, Marc D’Shawn, Barry Dunn, Jennifer Eddins, Eleanor Glattly, Michael Horsley, Nancy Howren, Jerry Kirk, Anthony Le, Marthe McGrath, Nami Oshiro, Michael Syphax, Iza Thomas, Richard Williams, Andrew Wohl, and Anna Yoo.


  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 1pm to 7pm

Foundry Gallery is located at 2118 – 8th Street NW