Fred Schnider Gallery Presents Take Me to the River Healing Waters

By East City Art Editorial Team on August 29, 2022

Sat, September 3 2022 — Sun, October 30 2022

Michel Varisco


Opening Reception: Saturday, September 3 from 5-8pm

The Fred Schnider Gallery in partnership with artist collective Take Me to the River presents the exhibition Healing Waters. Take Me to the River is an international group of artists, creating bridges across borders through art – reflecting the diversities and similarities of people around the world.

Healing Waters is the 2022 collaborative project by an international collective of artists from four continents. Discussions among the artists began in 2020 in an effort to reach out to each other and check in with friends while the pandemic raged. These conversations coalesced into creating a reaction to the pandemic, banding together to make a statement about healing and surviving. Artist Judy Jashinsky proposed Healing Waters as the title of the project, influenced by the book Blue Mind by Wallace Nichols.

An order of sequence was randomly assigned to the 23 participating artists and each individual assigned an identifier. One artist would create a work of art and send it to the Healing Waters project manager who would then send that work of art to the next artist. No artists knew the creator of the image they were given and did not know to whom their art was being sent to. It could have been someone they knew for 20 years or a few months. The process was uncertain, yet the experience of receiving and giving resulted in a procession of healing.

The Fred Schnider Gallery is the launch site of the Healing Waters tour which will travel to Mesquite Texas for exhibition April – June 2023. And then on to University of Wisconsin Stevens Point September 2023.

Participating Artists:

  • Grazys Audrius
  • Mary-Ann Beall
  • Joan Belmar
  • John Brown
  • David Carlson
  • David Chung
  • Eglon Daley
  • Richard Dana
  • Mansoora Hassan
  • Tina Huerta
  • Judy Jashinsky
  • Lizzy Magarinos
  • Maggie Michael
  • Ivana Panizzi
  • Giedra Riskute
  • Osorio Rogelio
  • Analia Sanders
  • Ruza Spak
  • Deirdre Saunder
  • Betsy Stewart
  • Lars Torres
  • Andres Tremols
  • Michel Varisco

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday – Saturday: 12pm-7pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Fred Schnider Gallery of Art – 888 N. Quincy Street, Suite 102, Arlington, VA.