Freight Gallery Presents Jackie Hoysted Symbiont

By Editorial Team on March 13, 2023
Image: Screen grab from Symbiont
Event: Sunday, March 19 from 3pm to 5pm

Symbiont is a meditative, immersive, interactive installation comprising audio-reactive and sensor-driven real-time generative video, pulse-sensors and fiber-optic wire where a main participant’s heartbeat is seen and felt by other participants.

“Like so many others nowadays I am constantly thinking about human existence and our relationships – to one another, all living organisms, the planet and the universe. How can we interoperate in a positive way? What will make us better actors in this space? I fancy the idea that if we create opportunities for mutual awareness, it will lead to greater mutual respect and change how we look upon each other and everything that surrounds or inhabits us.”

About the artist: Jackie Hoysted is a native of Ireland currently living in Bethesda, Maryland. She has a degree in computer science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a fine arts degree from the George Washington Corcoran College of the Arts & Design, Washington DC.

She is a multidisciplinary artist with works ranging from painting and sculpture to immersive digital and electronic installations. Her projects are typically public participatory in nature and are inspired by socio-political issues. Major projects include Send Me Your Last CigaretteVote-4-Pope (where women adorn papal attire and pose for a papal photograph); Body-Bag (where participants lie in a body bag and later complete a toe tag narrating their experience); and Contemplating Candy (where the public consume oversized lollipops and consider their addition to the sugar industry). Her 2022 installation Symbiotica combines bio-sculptures made from fungi with bio-sensors that detect participants heartbeats that light up a futuristic flower garden. The exhibition advocates for recognition of our interconnectedness with the planet.

Jackie is also co-founder of ArtWatch, a Washington DC collective that aims to develop ways to use the power of visual communication to express their support for values, such as inclusion, tolerance, equality and stewardship of the environment.



About Freight Gallery: 
Freight is an artist-run micro-gallery in a 1925 Hollister Whitney freight elevator in Washington, DC. The space is 75 inches wide, 95 inches high, and 85 inches deep–a perfect container for displaying sculpture and small installations. Its mission is to create more opportunities for artists.

The gallery is located at 2414 Douglas Street NE in Washington, DC. There is plenty of street parking, although you may have to park a block or two away. Please text (202) 276-5430 if you need parking accommodations. Enter on the side of the building through the loading dock.