Gallery 102 Presents Converging Flow Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on April 29, 2019

Wed, 01 May 2019 - Mon, 13 May 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 1 from 6pm to 8pm

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FLOW is total immersion in whatever activity you are performing, which for the artists in this exhibition is the process of creating. Although the media in which we work are diverse — photography, painting, design, and beyond — we all aim to get lost in the process of producing our work. This show demonstrates the methods and practices of eleven artists converging to showcase the variety of ways in which art is an important and necessary antidote to the ephemeral distractions of contemporary life.

Exhibiting Artists: Juliana Bedoya, Jackie Caputo, Bridget Cassidy, Jordan Frank, Zachary Frisch, Gaby Gomez, Minjung Kim, Yuying Que, Emily Reilly, Nevada Tyler, and Minyu Zhang.


Juliana Bedoya was born in Bogotá, Colombia but grew up in Long Island, New York. During her four years at GWU, she majored in Fine Arts and minored in Anthropology and Korean Language. Bedoya is a multimedia artist who aims to reclaim her dissociated memories.

Tattoo designer Jackie Caputo of Washington DC creates wearable, walkable, and tangible artworks out of moments and memories. She utilizes a tattoo gun to create conversations about the illusion of permanence in a transitory world.

Bridget Cassidy, based in Washington DC, concentrates on abstract, spontaneous mark-making as a meditation on the moment of creation.

Jordan Frank is an artist from Westchester, New York, attending the George Washington University and majoring in Fine Arts and Art History. Her creative practice, through drawing and painting media, uses pattern and opticality as a means of introspection that explores the artist’s shifting identity.

Zachary Frisch is a New York City-based artist, inspired by a time and place that he has never lived through. His works memorialize the vicarious experiences of a past that he has not experienced.

Gaby Gomez is originally from Miami, Florida. Currently a student at The George Washington University, she uses photography to create narratives that explore storytelling, feminism, and dark humor.

Minjung Kim, an artist from South Korea, is a Fine Arts major at George Washington University. Kim paints hyper-real portraits through the use of unusual and exaggerated color palettes and angles from which to observe and capture her subjects.

Yuying Que is an artist from Suzhou, China. Informed by her multicultural identity and intercultural background, her works focus on the stereotypes that burden a younger generation of women. Yuying uses photography as a tool and projection as a metaphor that emphasizes the ways that women’s identities are misconstructed.

Emily Reilly, from New Jersey, studies Fine Arts and Computer Science in Washington DC. She paints to study natural and organic forms, both in human bodies and in flawed fruits and vegetables. Emily’s work highlights all of the folds, rolls, and lumps in our naturally imperfect world.

Sound artist, photographer, and writer, Nevada Tyler, creates works that highlight the magic in the mundane and the beauty in the ordinary. Her pieces fixate on subtle behaviors people fail to notice and moments often overlooked, showcasing and restoring humanity across the diverse communities that comprise Washington DC.

Minyu Zhang, a Chinese artist and art historian, uses sculpture and installation art to explore the intersections of the social, natural, and political environments of China. The work is informed by historical and contemporary practices in environmental art that explores the paradoxes and pitfalls of man-made artifacts existing within the natural continuum.

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