Gallery 102 Presents Transcendence Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on January 23, 2018

Fri, 26 January 2018 - Sat, 03 February 2018

Photo Courtesy of Gallery 102.
Opening Reception: Friday, January 26 from 5pm to 7pm

Gallery 102 is proud to present the Presidential Scholars in Studio Arts group exhibition Transcendence. This exhibition seeks to explore the endless interpretations of the word “transcendence” and how each artist will create pieces of work based on their meanings.

The George Washington University’s Presidential Scholars in the Arts (PSA) program is composed of our most talented arts students who are driven by challenging education and artistic growth. The selection process for the Presidential Scholars in the Arts program and scholarship is competitive, and successful candidates demonstrate excellence as talented scholars in the performing and visual arts.

Exhibiting artists include: Alexander Welling, Amanata Adams, Areej Itayem, Elena Jorgenson, Isabel Keller, Jekko Syquia, Kate Sory, Kris Ingle, Lindsey Siff, Morgan Southern, Stephanie Curley.

Areej Itayem is a Palestinian-American visual artist working in wearable sculptures, textiles, performance, and video. Her work aims to remix standards of fashion and textiles to create costumes and clothing that comment on cultural expectations and aims to disrupt some of those norms. She studied fashion design and local textile printmaking at Accademia Italiana Arte Moda and Design in Florence, Italy. She is part of a 12-person winning team for the GW Sustainability Competition for a solar powered charging station. Marisol is a permanent installation in Kogan Plaza and is open for the public. This April, she will be presenting her work as part of the NEXT senior thesis show at the Corcoran School of Art and Design. Works can be seen on her website,

Amanata Adams is a fine art photographer from Brooklyn, New York. Raised in a Guyanese immigrant household, she grew to love art through weekly trips to the Brooklyn Museum. She picked in photography in middle school and instantly fell in love with the ability transform view and her audience’s view. Her images tend to be abstract portraits that uncover personal uncertainties race, family structure, and childhood. She works are sourced from personal experiences and inspired by the ordinary objects and spontaneous thoughts. She works with primarily digital processes and tends to experiment with a variety of analog processes.

Elena Jorgensen is a freshman enjoying her first year at GW. Previously having worked strictly in 2D, she is now exploring 3D and digital media and themes of environmental sustainability and impact of the individual. She is especially interested in the psychology of art and design. In the future she hopes to create environmentally mindful designs that serve both the earth and its inhabitants. Please send any and all comments to

Jekko Syquia is a freshman visual artist born in the Philippines. He is majoring in Computer Science and Graphics Design at the George Washington University. His work often includes the use of various traditional media such as drawing, and painting. In addition, his medium also spans in digital media to create concept art that often encompass his interests for story telling and illustrations. His works can be seen on his website, and daily works on his instagram, @jekkogray.

Kate Sory is a sophomore seeking a degree in Fine Art and Art History with a minor in Classical Studies. She mainly concentrates her work in drawing with charcoal, graphite, and pen, watercolor and oil painting, animation, and illustration. She lived in Connecticut for the first twelve years of her life then moved to Florida and is now happily residing in Washington, DC. In her work she strivers to add modern twists to classical forms on 2D planes, focusing on emotional and psychological portraiture. Her work can be seen on her instagram and her portfolio website She would love to be contacted through her email

Kris Ingle is a freshman majoring in Graphic Design at the George Washington University. He works in mediums such as drawing, painting, and has even begun to delve into 3D media and the concepts behind abstraction. He creates works that range from hyper-realistic to abstract and is interested in understanding the technicalities of the minds behind successful Graphic Design artists. Additional works can be seen on his art Instagram, and comments or questions can be sent to his email

Lindsey Siff is a sophomore at the George Washington University double majoring in Psychology and Fine Arts. Like her academic interests, Lindsey’s artwork interweaves psychology within each art piece. Her art often includes emotions associated with psychological disorders, like sadness, despair, and emptiness. Although she primarily uses photography as her main medium, she is skilled in drawing, painting, and ceramics. In addition, Lindsey’s photography often enters the realm of digital media through the manipulation of her photographs. Additional work can be found on her art instagram, @lsiffart, and on her website, She welcomes all forms of feedback and can be contacted through her instagram, website, or by email (

Morgan Southern is a Sophomore at the George Washington University majoring in Biology and minoring in Fine Arts. She mainly works with photography but also works with painting, drawing, and sculpture. Using Biology she often creates works inspired by the intersection of science and art, but also uses art as a way to understand and portray other topics such as culture, religion, and identity. Additional works can be found on her website, She welcomes feedback and can be contacted through her website or by email (

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