Gallery B Presents A Burning Winter Dance Featuring Be Dot Gallery Artists

By Editorial Team on December 10, 2018
Brian Truesdale, Untitled, 2018. Courtesy of Gallery B.
Reception: Friday, December 14 from 6pm to 8pm

Gallery B is pleased to present its December exhibition, A Burning Winter Dance, featuring nine Be Dot Gallery artists from the Greater Frederick, MD area.

The show, curated by Calvin Edward Ramsburg, will include a variety of work that represents each artist’s unique style. The following artists will be featured:

Ed Becker
Ed Becker has been painting for nearly 10 years. Painting daily, he says, “I experiment with depth, building layers over time. All surprises are welcome here…Years of painting has led me to abstract expressionism. Artists such as Kline, Motherwell and de Kooning offer a springboard into my exploration.” While working he simultaneously constructs and deconstructs patterns, shapes and puzzles and gathers inspiration from a number of sources including current events, rock and roll, books and more.

Vicki Favilla
Vicki Favilla considers every painting a puzzle to be solved and lets the paintings reveal themselves. Mostly influenced by emotions, the season and music, Favilla sees seasons in colors and shapes. Music also plays an important part of the painting process and lyrics will sometimes work their way into her paintings or titles. An abstract artist, Vicki says the art, “energizes me and makes me feel alive. When I am really into what I am doing, it is intoxicating. I live, dream and breathe it. Thinking of it constantly. Spending the day waiting until I can get to the canvas and let out my feelings and emotions.”

Spencer Hines
Spencer Hines’s abstract paintings combine acrylic paints with colored pencil, charcoal and other materials. He participated in the first Frederick Artomatic and has also shown his work at Unique Optique Gallery in Frederick, MD and at The East Gallery in Adamstown, MD. His art reflects his interest in the harmonic tension between seemingly unlike visual elements and moods, and thematically, with the detritus of brief moments in time and place.

Margaret Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy brings 40 years of experience as a professional artist – teaching, exhibiting nationally and creating leaded stained glass — to the art community. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in music at Wells College in the Finger Lakes, NY. She received her Master of Arts degree from Oberlin College in Ohio and went on to complete her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her recent exhibitions combine lyrical abstraction with her early passion for classical music. In 2002, Margaret was the recipient of a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

Calvin Edward Ramsburg
An award-winning abstract artist, Calvin Edward Ramsburg has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions in America, Europe and Mexico. His paintings, executed in acrylic, combine drawing and brushwork, and are derived from a combination of personal events and environments he has known throughout his life. He is a career artist, educator and arts advocate.

Jennifer Shoemaker
Jennifer Shoemaker has always been an artist and as she explains, “I think in color. I find that I can say things with shapes and colors that I cannot say in words. My art draws inspiration from the world around me, particularly landscapes. I paint maps of undiscovered places and leap with no fear to explore the mysteries of the heart and mind, and bring back a tangible souvenir.” Graduating in 2002 from Frederick Community College with an Associate Degree in art, she was a member of the Blue Elephant Art Gallery for several years, and participated in the first Frederick Artomatic. In addition to showing her work at Artomatic, she has also exhibited her artwork at Frederick Community College and Unique Optique in Frederick, MD.

Brian Truesdale
Brian Truesdale’s artistic practice requires periods of study and reflection and periods of intense application. A painter for several years, his works are a continuous search to find the meaning from the noise and texture. The pieces challenge the viewer find and develop the focal point, much like finding a beacon in the chaotic noise of life. As Brian explains, “In Abstract Expressionist art, you are free from the constraints of everyday objects – no trees, no birds, no clouds – nothing you already have a preconceived feeling about. You have the opportunity to respond to the image completely fresh – as something you have truly never seen before, something you don’t have any words to describe… I need to allow for both moments of spontaneity to bring the painting alive and analysis to build the composition.”

Mai Vo-Dinh
Mai Vo-Dinh was born in 1933 in Hue, Vietnam. His paintings and woodblocks have been exhibited throughout Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States, resulting in over 50 one-man exhibitions. An author, translator and illustrator, he had over 40 books to his credit. He and Helen Coutant shared the prestigious Christopher Award for the book First Snow and he was a recipient of the Literature Program Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts. Some of the children’s books Mai illustrated include The Coconut Monk; The Hermit and the Well; Angel Child, Dragon Child; The Brocaded Slipped and Other Vietnamese Tales; The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam; and A Thousand Pails of Water, which he co-wrote.

Brian Walker
Brian Walker’s approach to art is a product of post-war industrialism, suburban conscience and Warhol. He loves abstract expressionism, Blue Note jazz and the seventies. His work is a reflection of these elements and much more.

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesday – Saturday: 12-6pm

The exhibit will be on display from December 5-29 at Gallery B, located at 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E, Bethesda, MD. For more information visit