Gallery B Presents Beyond That Group Exhibition Curated by Nihal Kececi

By Editorial Team on March 8, 2017

Fri, 10 March 2017 - Sat, 25 March 2017

Work by Steffen Faisst. Courtesy of Gallery B.
Work by Steffen Faisst. Courtesy of Gallery B.


Opening Reception: Friday, March 10 from 6pm to 8pm


Gallery B presents its March exhibition, Beyond That, which will be curated by Nihal Kececi of Gallery NK and feature artwork by eight artists.

The exhibit be on display from March 1-25, 2017 at Gallery B, located at 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E, Bethesda, MD. Gallery hours for the show will be Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm and Sunday, 11am-4pm. Each Friday will feature a reception highlighting the participating artists.

Alfredo Palmero
Alfredo Palmero is the third generation of a lineage of artists that began with his grandfather, with whom he shared a name and a great love for painting. Since 1991, Alfredo has had solo exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Berlin, Denmark Monte Carlo, Paris and around the world.. The Palmero family founded two private museums in Spain, and works of the family can also be found in the private collections of His Royal Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain or Duchess of Alba de Tormes, Grandee of Spain. Alfredo Palmero is considered as one of the most interesting contemporary Spanish artists in the artistic panorama, with a heritage of the traditional European Art, connecting at the same time with the aesthetic of the 21st century.

Nihal Kececi
Born and raised in Turkey, Nihal started drawing and painting at a young age. Despite her talent in art, she studied physics and nuclear engineering and worked in the software analysis field in the United States and Canada. In 2003, she devoted herself exclusively to painting. Over the span of her career as a professional artist, she has experimented both with premeditated and spontaneous painting processes. Creating a pastiche of light and shadow, Nihal often uses just a palette knife to apply paint to the canvas. She depicts a fragile but boldly expressive interplay between analysis and emotion, concealing and revealing her subject at once. Whether painting dramatic landscapes, or impressionistic figures, Kececi masks the known with the unknown and explores the transcendental.

Nadia Arditti
Nadia Arditti, an Istanbul-born Jewish woman, is one of Turkey’s most prominent sculptors. Her sculptures of soft-curved women, the reflection of forceful emotional journeys, and birds, her symbol of freedom, have become a true hallmark in Turkish sculpture. Her work has been exhibited across the world, including pieces on permanent display in the United States and Great Britain. Arditti’s life has been shaped by a migration that was politically driven, as well as a serious illness, her rejection of consumerism, the perception of women and faith in solidarity. Several years ago, Arditti settled in the Aegean village of Kozlu, seeking peace in the same region where her family’s century-long story of migration began.. Turkey has a special place for Arditti, who, in her youth, took drawing lessons and volunteered at cultural and artistic associations. It was in those years that Arditti became interested in sculpture, which marked a turning point in her life. Her passion for sculpting grew, pushing drawing on the back burner. She felt that sculpture, with its four-dimensional form, offered more freedom than drawing within the confines of a frame.

Steffen Faisst
Steffen Faisst’s photography is about water. It flows along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean, where it comes and goes in tides and waves, evaporates to the sky, and reappears as precipitation. Water possesses no specific shape by itself, but is formed by the physical forms and forces surrounding it. Thus, water can take an unlimited number of shapes and colors, making it to a fascinating source of inspiration. The shapes and colors emerging from moving water are generally imperceptible for the human eye. Faisst’s photography intends to visualize especially those small, inconspicuous water structures that arise at the shore. His photographical approach is to go as close as possible to the (anticipated) formation of these natural sculptures, which last only for a split second, and to freeze the moment with high shutter speeds. The curiosity and focus on detail that helped him to be a researcher also led him to detect the beauty of these minute water worlds. Since he was a student, he engaged in close-up and macro photography of still motifs.

Bryan Grose
Bryan Grose, born in upstate New York, was relocated with his family to a farming community in southeast Michigan. Working primarily with oil, Grose creatively architects a brilliant combination of soothing warm textures layered delicately amongst the rigid yet raw cooler colors Detroit so effortlessly inspires. Although trained in the realm of realism, Grose found abstractionism a more comfortable and truer representation of himself, his message and what he wanted his audience to see. Grose, who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University, humbly seeks to share multiple levels of life’s stories shared vicariously through modernism, architecture, and landscape – stories inspired by industry, from Detroit to Berlin. He currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. Grose’s collection has found home in both private and public arenas throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Noel Aquino
Noel Aquino was born and raised in Varadero, Cuba, and now resides in the United States. When Aquino was nine years old, an artist from Varadero Community Art Center noticed his talent, and persuaded him to attend classes at the center. After two years of training, his instructors encouraged him to apply to The Matanzas School of Art. Aquino was accepted to the school, and spent three years there. Much of his time at the school was spent under the tutelage of several nationally and internationally recognized Cuban artists.

At the age of 20, Aquino left Cuba for the United States. Much of Aquino’s early material was of the realistic nature, and included intricately detailed landscapes, and portraits. He then moved into a surrealistic period, gradually arriving at his present style, which he describes as “contemporary modernism”. Aquino has had numerous solo and group shows in the greater Miami, and Tampa Bay areas of Florida, and in 2012 expanded his gallery presence to Detroit, MI. Having sold well over 400 pieces, his works are part of private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Niko Rakusu
Niko Rakusa was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a degree in civil engineering from the Metropolitana University in Caracas. He attended art courses at The Cristobal Rojas Superior School of Visual Arts, The Federico Brand Academy and The Arturo Michelena School of Visual Arts. He considers himself a self-taught artist because his work is the result of his industrial design, architectural and engineering structure knowledge applied to his search for harmony and his aesthetic discourse. He has shown his work in The Caracas Art Ateneum, La Estancia Art Museum and has work permanently exposed at The Government Institution Corporación Venezolana de Guayana, C.V.G. and The Marbella Beach urbanism at Higuerote, Venezuela. He has also exhibited in Wynwood, FL, attending shows at The Art Place, Curator´s Voice Art Projects, Spectrum Miami and Roy Rodriguez Art Gallery. Rakusa currently lives and works in Weston, FL.

Isao Tomoda
Isao Tomoda is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Tokyo, Lithuania and Georgia. He has participated in many solo exhibitions in Japan, Mexico, Canada, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Georgia and the United States. He is represented in private collections internationally. “With paint on canvas, layer upon layer and with several techniques he tells us about human experiences like loneliness, openness. And open your mind. Hope and beauty.”

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