Gallery B Presents US FOUR Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on February 6, 2018

Fri, 09 February 2018 - Sat, 03 March 2018

Work by Yolaine Rilhac Brochard. Courtesy of Gallery B.
Opening Reception: Friday, February 9 from 6pm to 8pm

Gallery B announces its February exhibit, US FOUR, featuring artwork by Katty Biglari, Yolaine Rilhac Brochard, Nora Maccoby and Grazia Montalto. The exhibit will be on display from February 7 – March 3, 2018.

Katty Biglari moved to Washington, DC in 1978 to attend college and pursue her dream of becoming a painter. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and went on to complete her Master of Fine Arts at George Washington University. Since then she has continued to refine her approach to painting. Working in abstraction, she conveys her thoughts through imagery, color and lines and has drawn on theories of automation, abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, and color to develop her work. Time and space are recurring themes in her art, and the paintings represent reflection, geometry, contrasts and opposing forces. Currently, her interest in the sky is reflected in her paintings, combining elements of astronomy and mythology. The images in her paintings develop gradually through multi-layering of acrylic paint.

Yolaine Rilhac Brochard, born in France, had a passion for the arts at an early age. She began her career as a photographer, working with and learning from Jean-Francois Chapuis in Paris, and in 2010 started her own company that specialized in interior design photographs. Her fascination with and study of sculpture then began in 2015, after an inspiring trip to Prague. Upon her return, she began studying sculpting with George Tkabladze at the Art League in Alexandria, VA. When sculpting, she never uses models or photographs, and instead allows the face to organically appear. When speaking about her craft, Yolaine says, “When you walk in the woods or along a river, you see the most wonderful things, but the following week, nothing of that remains because life goes on in all its forms and tempos – and nature also changes, like all of us: youth becomes old age, a flower fades, a river retreats. That’s why I have a need to sculpt these fleeting emotions and states, to give them a more permanent presence.”

Nora Maccoby is a multimedia artist working at the nexus of advanced science and esoteric technology, merging mystical ideas with modern science. Her paintings are internationally collected and valued not only for their organic presence but also as mandalas for those seeking freedom from the matrix control and self-actualization. Born in Mexico City, Nora was raised in Washington, D.C. where she began drawing and making short films, mixing fiction and non-fiction on the relationship of dream and awakening. She received her Bachelor of Arts in theater from Oberlin College and her Master of Fine Arts in directing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In Nora’s series, “Cosmology of Earth, Galactic Surf, a Blue Horse, and Heavens,” the pieces are in three forms: oil on canvas, pens, and markers on paper and canvas, and in collaboration with NOIRFLUX, video and augmented technologies of interactive art. In the work, Earth is a part of a giant landscape of harmonic, hyper-dimensional architecture and we are the seekers surfing the galactic waves of creation and incarnation.

Grazia Montalto, a Parisian-born artist who grew up in Naples, Italy, moved to Washington, D.C. in her early twenties. Grazia has always been interested in artistic expression, her passion for the arts spanning many mediums. She practiced ballet for 15 years, pursued a career in graphic design and has a special interest for architecture, silversmith and drawing. Over the years Grazia has further explored her love of drawing, working with pencils, pens and markers to create illustrations in which lines and colors are mixed to create beautiful and original views. Her current series, “Resist,” is a collection of drawings created with pens and markers that was inspired by the political nature of our time. Grazia explains, “The drawings are very colorful because, underneath my profound skepticism, I believe that life can be fulfilling and colorful if you are illuminated by knowledge.”

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